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Three Ways Students Use Pop Culture Texts in the Classroom

Previously, I started a discussion about pop culture and reading comprehension. Today, I want to delve into how students use pop culture texts to aid (so to speak) their reading comprehension. 636 more words

Pop Culture

The New Doctor Who: a character study

So, who is a fan of Doctor Who? I’ve been a fan most of my life. It feels kind of weird to realise the actor playing the newest version of the Doctor is the closest in age to me of any previous doctors. 218 more words


The trickster, the tech, and the treachery of images: Part One

Uri Geller and the Enchantment of Technology.

In the early 1970’s television audiences marvelled at the antics of Uri Geller. He could apparently re-activate broken watches; he could reproduce telepathically a drawing that had been made secretly by an entire stranger, and – above all, he could bend spoons, supposedly without physical intervention, for Geller’s major power was said to be… 1,800 more words

An ode to Willow Pape

Don’t hate me for what I’m about to say (I already hate me enough), but…

My name is Georgia and I’m a Kim Kardashian gameaholic. 277 more words


Yammering About Yokai - The Tengu And Its Pop Culture Influences

In my opinion, there’s nothing more influential to Japanese Pop Culture than that of the country’s rich, folkloric past. While Western productions seem to have a tight grasp on more European myths and legends, Anime, Manga and Japanese-made video games are obviously more in tune with their own mythological history. 713 more words


Madman Presents 'The Tale Of Studio Ghibli' Showcase Hitting Cinemas October/December 2014

Madman Entertainment are extremely excited to announce something magical that will have Studio Ghibli fans Australia wide jumping for joy. The Australian Anime and Manga distributor have just revealed that they are in the process of planning a special theatrical run of a Studio Ghibli-centric series of documentaries that will take audiences behind-the-scenes of their favorite Ghibli productions while also showcasing the studio’s most famous men; Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. 185 more words