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I don't get you!

I was referring to great endings yesterday.  Love You More finishes stone dead with “until the razor cuts”, but today’s choice has an equally good final four words to wrap up a magnificent record.   128 more words

A nice bit of brass. Class.

I recall going to see The Teardrop Explodes at Portsmouth Guildhall, not long after this record was a hit in the UK.  It seemed forever before they played the song in their set, and I specifically remember that it suddenly kicked off after a long, rambling, noodley, introduction which gave no hint of what was to follow.   110 more words

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Wah? Oh..., Wah!

I think Pete Wylie and Wah! (or any of the various Wah! options over the years) should probably be better known to the general public, but perhaps it’s good that he/they isn’t/aren’t as it’s kind of nice to come back to find a few of their tunes now and again.   61 more words

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I used to be a werewolf, but I'm all right nooooow!

It’s a Killing Moon joke, see?  Oh, never mind…

I’m not in possession of anything by Echo and the Bunnymen, but they’ve made a few records that stand out and they are worthy of my list of favourites.   79 more words

Something about the Berlin Wall

There isn’t really anything to say about this lot, but I can’t ignore them completely and this happens to be my favourite from their relatively small body of work. 65 more words

Not Summer Nights but Saturday Night

I must admit, I was sorely tempted to include a bit of Grease action today.  Summer Nights is a great pop tune, and it’s even better when seen in the context of the fillum (I think I may have had a crush on Ms Newton-John), but I don’t think the song is genuinely up there in my all time greats. 100 more words

Weller Weller Weller, huh. Tell me more, tell me more...

I’m under pressure here.  How do I choose a favourite Weller track?  Impossible, I suppose, so I decided to go with the first of the singles I bought shortly before I invested in the… 208 more words

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