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Eddie Murphy: Oh Jah Jah

VPAL Music, VP Records’ subsidiary label and distribution arm for reggae music teams up with the revered comedian/actor/singer Eddie Murphy to release his new single “Oh Jah Jah,” which became available January 27, 2015. 92 more words


Did you do it before you read about it?

I think that question was bang on the money, and remains just as pertinent today.  So many identities are not about being an individual, but about buying-in to some identity which has already been formed by the latest fashion, designed precisely, I would argue, to rob you of your individuality.   133 more words


See, I’m the boss of this little piece of the Internet and I can do what I like, even if that means playing two tunes by the same band, off the same album, back-to-back.   30 more words


This song only really came to my attention when I found 6Music.  I know I would have heard it on John Peel’s show in the late eighties, but it didn’t stick in my mind  or make a marked impression.   147 more words

You're the one

I was absolutely convinced I’d already added this song to my list, but it ain’t there, so now is the time to correct that.  I wonder what else I’ve overlooked recently by telling myself that I’ve already done that one.   134 more words

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Bring Out the Branson

Yes, it’s the whole album.  I can think of no other that could get away with it in this context, but, it’s effectively one tune/song/record (according to my rules), so it has to be included here.   215 more words

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