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Feet don't fail me now

If ever you doubted my funk credentials, ‘ave this!

Man, there is so much going on in this recording, I don’t know where to begin.  Just have a listen and pick out all the bits that you don’t need.   113 more words

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Ring ring

Before this record arrived on the scene, I can’t say I had any particular fondness for the band or their work, although I now know and love many of their records.   193 more words

Killer Tune.

Is there anyone making this kind of stuff any more?  In a way, I hope not.  It wouldn’t be as good.

Surely, this was never going to sell millions of copies, and the subject matter is hardly bubble-gum pop, but it’s just an amazing piece of work.   110 more words

A fine pair

Byrne and Eno have already featured, but this is a partnership well worthy of inclusion.  In fact, it holds a special place in my music history.   185 more words

Now I'm thinking Top of the Pops

On Wednesday we had a new super-fast fibre-optic broadband cable installed, so our internet is about a billion times faster.  Except that it isn’t.  In fact, we now keep losing the connection altogether.   238 more words

Carrie Lane Will be Performing in LA at Winter Lights 2

Winter Lights 2 -Huge Concert and Social Media Celebration is Back in LA for a 2nd Year adds Carrie Lane to the Bill

Carrie Lane On Winter Lights Tour… 558 more words


Wish they'd kept the U

The Vapors (yes, Vapours would have been so much better!).  A band that promised so much, but all we got was this classic single.   128 more words

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