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Once a Sugar Cube

Last year, my wife curated an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei.  She was fortunate enough to gain the support of Björk, or at least Björk’s record company (One Little Indian), and the show included a screening of… 154 more words

Not a Sidewalk

I suppose Pavement may well have featured on Peel’s show at some point, but I don’t recall being aware of them until I stated at university in 2001.   210 more words

The Little Drummer Boy

If ever a record had a punctum, this has to be it.  It’s a good song, not a great song, but it is lifted into a new dimension simply because of… 394 more words

Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick

I’ve never played a musical instrument, not even a recorder as a kid at school.  I always figured that the only thing I’d like to play was the drums.   244 more words

One Little Indian

Siouxsie Sioux.  What a name, eh?  There were many contenders for best name from the punk era – think Poly Styrene, Sid Vicious, Jet Black, Rat Scabies, Adam Ant (yes, he was punk before turning into that pirate bloke) – but, come on… Siouxie Sioux?!   151 more words

Japan and China

I think this is a rather clever combination of West and East, managing to be both a great pop song while infusing what seem to me to be unmistakably Chinese sounds. 135 more words

Mark and the Boy Lard

I think I need something daft like this to lift my spirits from time to time.  I have a real affection for Radcliffe and Riley; their show on Radio 1 was in a league of its own and I was rather upset when it came to an end.   159 more words