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Not Summer Nights but Saturday Night

I must admit, I was sorely tempted to include a bit of Grease action today.  Summer Nights is a great pop tune, and it’s even better when seen in the context of the fillum (I think I may have had a crush on Ms Newton-John), but I don’t think the song is genuinely up there in my all time greats. 100 more words

Weller Weller Weller, huh. Tell me more, tell me more...

I’m under pressure here.  How do I choose a favourite Weller track?  Impossible, I suppose, so I decided to go with the first of the singles I bought shortly before I invested in the… 208 more words

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Song of the Day- "Jealous" by Nick Jonas

Folks are already calling Nick Jonas the next Justin Timberlake. I understand the comparison 100%, but can homeboy just be the next Nick Jonas?

Song Of The Day

Sparky's Dream

If there is a better indie pop tune than this, I’ve yet to hear it, and what I don’t understand is why this never became a massive hit.   112 more words

Scrub Away the SR Way

Today I’m going with another choice from my late teens.  I can’t really think of another punk ballad hit record, if indeed that is what this should be labelled.   139 more words

On the Beach

Chris Martin has been in the news recently, along with a number of other so-called celebrities, contributing to Bob Geldof’s latest Band Aid venture.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but can’t be bothered to expand on the issue right now.   166 more words

Well Jel'

I genuinely know nothing at all about The Rapture (and I doubt they were actually named after the Blondie record, but it made a good clue), but I do know that this is a terrific record.   154 more words