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LP Cover Stories

What you can do with vintage LP album covers (see more of these collages here via endofrains)


Rare video footage of Katy Perry on tour in 2001

After cleaning out some old videos from his office, cinematographer Jim Standridge came across this footage he recorded while traveling with Katy Perry on her first tour as an artist in 2001.

Jim Standridge | via

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Animals - Maroon 5 Song Review

This new release from Maroon 5 has all of the same flavor that you would expect a Maroon 5 song to have. It’s catchy, upbeat, with somewhat clever and mildly suggestive lyrics. 121 more words

Bend me, shape me

The male goes through his warm up routine,

moments later he’s “involved” with his flexible partner.

You’ll have to take my word for it, as I wasn’t tall enough to get a good shot. 29 more words


Kim Kardashian To Rita Ora: Stay Away From Me!

Kim Kardashian has made it clear to the world that she does not want Rita Ora anywhere near her. Last week at The VMAs she made producers change her seat because she was too close to her. 25 more words


(Another) Fifteen Songs

Last summer I worked up a post highlighting some 15 songs from my iPod. You’ve probably seen the game before on Facebook or other social media – put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 15 songs that play (no cheating!). 879 more words


01/09/14 - Baker's Blogs - A Funny and Festive Weekend

I went to a music festival for the first time in my life and it was wicked yet simultaneously hilarious. So in my last blog post I commented on my not-so-secret love for the hit pop boy band ‘One Direction’ and how my music taste is increasingly hard to define. 759 more words

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