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More on Hippie Christians

While I’ve never been much of a Christian, and in fact spent a good number of years being definitively not Christian, I have been a closeted Christian rock fan for a long time. 229 more words


Jessie J, "Ain't Been Done"

I’m going to do something that hasn’t been done nor it be done again. Probably. I’m going to reference (in a round about way) Wilco while discussing the song, “Ain’t Been Done,” by pop singer, Jessie J. 405 more words

Ain't Been Done

13th Floor Elevators - Bull of the Woods: Round 73 - Tom's Selection

Whilst playing Bull of the Woods at record club, I postulated that in this day and age, it is unlikely I would ever have got my grubby mitts on 13th Floor Elevators third and final album…not because acquiring music is any more difficult now than it was back in the late 80s – it’s not, it’s easier – but because information is so easily accessible (and because I am such a sucker for it) that I would have read one too many lukewarm reviews and dismissed the album as not worth owning. 623 more words

Pop Music

Pop Song Review: One Direction - "Steal My Girl"

Bad news, guys – One Direction still exist. I know, I thought they’d be gone by now too, but there we are. So today’s review is the worryingly-titled “Steal My Girl” which has spent the last couple of weeks or so lodged on the Twitter top trends board in some way, shape or form, empirically proving that the majority of Twitter uses are little girls. 1,392 more words


Happy Birthday Drake

Our favorite Canadian of the moment, Drake, is celebrating big time this weekend!

Can you believe he’s only 28? it seems like he has done so much spotlight you would think he was older. 43 more words


Tanya Tagaq – Animism: Round 15, Nick’s choice

I didn’t have anything specific in mind to play when I suggested ‘positive discrimination’ as the theme for this meeting, just a vague sense of shame that our choices over the preceding months had been very noticeably male-heavy. 695 more words

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