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Megan Schroer of Boys

Boys are a spunky, female led pop punk outfit from Cincinnati.

Where is Boys from?

Boys is from Cincinnati, Ohio. I live in Iowa now, though, so it’s kind of back and forth thing. 338 more words

Punk Rock

Review: Legion Hall - It Could Be Worse

‘It Could Be Worse’ is the debut EP of self confessed “sad pop-punk” band and relatively new name to the UK pop-punk scene – Legion Hall. 704 more words

Pre-order Sorority Noise's upcoming album Forgettable

Forgettable, the debut full length from Connecticut’s Sorority Noise is available to pre-order in the UK via Brighton-based label Dog Knights Productions, home of DOTB favourites such as Nai Harvest and Playlounge.  343 more words


Watch The Sky - 'Watch The Sky' EP Review

I’ve got a real turbulent relationship with pop-punk. I’ve mentioned it before, in a previous review, but it bears repeating: pop-punk has a habit of being painfully generic and falling into stereotypes. 386 more words


The Hotelier's Home, Like Noplace Is There

i’m sleepy

The Hotelier (or their old band name The Hotel Year) is an emo band formed by a couple of friends from Massachusetts. When someone mentions emo, most of the time they are going to bring up this album piece and either say it’s the greatest thing ever for 2014 or it’s just really over-rated. 401 more words


Battleghost - Transient (Review)

Transient is an EP born out of frustration with the world surrounding the musicians that created it, and vocalist Dorian Cooke said that the EP was given this name because every time the band tried to find structure and comfort in one location of their lives it transcended to a feeling of discontent and longing for something better. 873 more words