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Passing through the waters

St. Philomena not only passed through the waters, angels freed her from the anchor around her neck and brought her onto dry land in front of a crowd or nonbelievers. 278 more words

St. Philomena

Your Will Be Done

The last few weeks have provided some real opportunities to be in some very holy places (the Basilica of the Visitation, for example) in the footsteps of some very holy people such as St. 1,446 more words

The Evidence That Forced the Pope to Resign

Rev. Kevin Daniel Annett, M.A. , M.Div.  has led this common law fight against church and state, mainly for brutalization and murder of children.  I first heard of his work on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s YouTube channel. 26 more words

New Earth

Obelisk in Saint Peter's Square

   What is the object in the middle of St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City?

It is an 83 foot stone obelisk that can accurately tell you when its midday and the two solstices. 257 more words

Peer Reviewed by Jesus

In light of the recent comments made by Pope Francis regarding the evolution and the big bang theory, I feel it is important to break down the comments and analyse what they mean for the wider community. 1,413 more words

A Nagging Question I Keep Asking God, My Spiritual Director, Others, & Myself

Before I share my nagging question with you may I ask another? Do you have one of those questions yourself? If you do, then you will know what I am talking about when I say it can be frustrating to be unable to put the answer in a nice neat box in colorful wrapping paper and fastened with a bow. 460 more words