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For Sale. Sorry.

I can’t say exactly, what caused my unease walking around the Docklands this time round. But I guess it’s hard not to read Anna Minton’s… 601 more words


Guy Fawkes Night

Today in England (and possibly in other parts of the country) is Guy Fawkes Night. It happens every 5th November and celebrates the discovery of a Papist plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament several hundred years ago. 374 more words

Climate Change

New on 500px : Off to See the Wizard by ramij by ramij

Off to See the Wizard – Boardman, OR

Got up at 4:30am on Saturday to make the 3 hour trek out to this wonderful location. Made the trip out with Terence Lee and explored the miles and miles of trees for unique and interesting tree formations. 42 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Enfield day one.

I had a choice to make this afternoon. I could either watch football, then go to the gym so I can look like Captain America, or I could watch football and spend a little time woodworking. 640 more words


Hiroshima Streets - Yagenbori

I often forget just how strange (or interesting maybe) ordinary Japanese cities can look to foreigners, so sometimes I like to play tourist and just walk around with my camera and try to see the streets with new eyes, like this are, the Yagenbori (薬研掘) district of Naka Ward, pretty much in the center of the large city of Hiroshima. 299 more words


Amazing Poplars

Check out this poplar twig. When the growth hormones settle out, they create forward-thrusting bud casings around their large, folded leaves. When the fruiting hormones pile up behind them, they literally pile up in bursting flower shapes. 33 more words

Nature Photography