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Memories of an East End Child by Lorraine Roxon Harrington – Part Six

Buscot Park

In the final part of Lorraine’s memories, she is faced with the realities of the war with Germany. Like many other children it was decided she should be evacuated to escape the worst of the bombing. 5,388 more words

Human Life

Old Poplar

Bowl on black velvet, in window light only. See the “…wormy poplar deadfall…” this came from, and how it was made at Adrian Thysse Photography.



Remember this was the wall where the plaster had fallen off the lath?

Plaster is gone! It was a dusty part of the project! The garbagemen are going to hate us. 135 more words

The Standard Shoji

I finished up my first (really second) attempt at the standard shoji with an aragumi kumiko arrangement and mizugoshi structure as based on the exercises in Des King’s, “Shoji and Kumiko Design Book 1 The basics”. 105 more words


Poplar Shoji

At last returning to the world of shoji. After a crazy few months, life is settling back into a much needed routine. With a little work 2015 could be a good year for shoji and kumiko work. 16 more words


Sideboard - bottom web frame

You could almost picture some drawers…

The bottom web frame uses similar construction to the top web frame. It differs in how it connects to the case sides. 250 more words


Additional Pics & $1k Wood

Beadboard drop ceiling in the man cave bathroom.

Man cave bathroom isn’t complete without some over the toilet artwork! The sink also matches the ceiling. Originally the beadboard was supposed to go all around the walls halfway up, however, it turned out there was not sufficient space behind the toilet for additional wall thickness so we had to do without. 76 more words