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Treasures from Source Digital Archive - Poppet: The Countess's Best Friend

Constance Gore-Booth. Rebel daughter of an Ascendancy family, she turned her back on her privileged upbringing by marrying a Polish Count and was thereafter known as Countess Markievicz. 204 more words



The Candy Shop opening its doors to a new round for us,
aren’t we all excited? I sure am , so why don’t you drop in, here’s the… 139 more words


Reiki and the Healing Poppet #21daysofreiki

Reiki has multiple ways of sending healing at a distance. Out of those ways, one resonates strongly to me when people have a long-term diseases, a healing poppet. 941 more words


Get sillaaayyy

No. I will not post that horrid “song” if you could even call it that… But I did think about it while making this post =P SL fashion striking once again because I do not think I would be brave enough to wear food as jewelry. 96 more words

Bring on December :D

Love this time of year! What’s sad is all that unhealthy eating at Thanksgiving and being around sick people…I have developed a bad cough myself. And it is relentless -___- Needless to say I’ve been drugging myself up on disgusting cough medicine and drinking water endlessly just to keep that awful itchy feeling in my throat at bay. 106 more words


A popular practice in Tibetan magick is to make a substitute, which is by no stretch just a Tibetan or Buddhist practice, pretty much every culture has something similar. 929 more words