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A pic a day #42: bubble gun and popsicle sticks

If you’ve ever watched the behind the scenes feature on a DVD you have probably heard this phase. It’s similar to the “kitchen sink” reference. It usually refers to some sort of special effect. 279 more words

Day 3: Popsicle Stick Conditioning

Popsicle stick conditioning is something I use a lot when I am coaching intermediate recreational athletes. When we have our trampoline rotation, there is a lot of downtime for the girls who aren’t one the trampoline (which is up to 8 of them; one at a time on trampoline!), so I need to make sure I’ve got something planned to keep them active. 310 more words

30 Minutes

Wooden bar

This wooden bar was a more difficult undertaking, and involved a little bit of re-working at certain points.

I started by making some panels, I don’t really measure anything, just compare each piece to the others. 81 more words


Popsicle Clothespin airplane craft

So to round out Black History Month, I worked hard to find someone that even I wasn’t familiar with. I stumbled upon Bessie Coleman who was the first female African American to hold an international pilot license.  94 more words


Garden Work Bench

I made this garden bench from an image I found online.

It was my first attempt at wooden furniture, and I made a few mistakes but am happy with the outcome overall. 45 more words