Web content producer BiteSize making move into network TV

BiteSize‘s move into network television illustrates how online content creators are expanding their audiences in conventional media. “TMZ” and “TMZ Live,” which air on FOX’s TV stations in major markets, both evolved from digital property TMZ.com but are produced by Warner Bros. 39 more words


You've Got Mail: Popsugar Musthave Box

So I think I have found the cure for spontaneous shopping.  Not really.  I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail and I love surprises.   93 more words


This Old Man Dancing Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

According to PopSugar, nothing is better right now than this viral video!

This man totally steals the spotlight with his dance moves, especially when he throws his canes down! 8 more words


How Grown Up is Your Apartment? (Or room, whatever)

So, just how grown up are you? Does your room/apartment have an actual headboard? Are the plants alive? No, not really. The living dead. 12 more words


How Addicted Am I?

Just. This.

Well, I’m exactly 1/2 addicted then. 7/14. You cannot believe how many magazines I have read that are all about decor.

Sorry. :P

xx, Kassie



So, I'm totally getting married. And other things I like.

I know. I have been talking about that a lot in these posts. But I am. I really am. Every now and then, I feel like I am going to somehow screw it up but then I talk to Matt and I know I am not going to! 341 more words

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