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Garth Brooks Announces Another Show, Not In Chicago!

Garth Brooks has been trending ever since he announced his return/comeback.  Last week he sold out 10 shows in Chicago…And now, it’s HotLanta’s turn!

You can see Garth at the home of the Atlanta Hawk’s, the Phillip’s Arena. 65 more words


Cowboy Dave's 20 Signs You Grew Up In Texas

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker “American by choice… TEXAN by the grace of GOD” and I for one truly believe that is a damn true statement… right??:) Being a 5th generation TEXAN… my roots run deep in this 268,581 square mile paradise that I call home… … 494 more words


Take A 'FAKEcation': Check Out The Hilarious New Facebook Photo Trend

Do you feel like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world? Well now, you can make THEM feel like garbage without even leaving your house. 150 more words


Cowboy Dave Invents New Selfie

Do y’all remember the Cowboy/Duck selfie?

The Cowboy/Crab selfie?

The Cowboy/Cody selfie?

The Cowboy/Kevin selfie?

The Cowboy/Camel Selfie?

Holy cow there are so many… there is a Cowboy/pig/cat/bird/horse… the list goes on!! 34 more words


Courtney Stodden Strips For Animal Rights

Remember that REALLY young gal that married that really old creepy actor dude from “The Green Mile”? Well… she is BACK with a “cause”… and it’s for the critters… or as they call it “Animal Rights”… She was out servin up veggie dogs on Capitol Hill today… She’s a vegetarian these days and is 19 now… and wants to be taken “SERIOUSLY” haha… I’m sorry… I don’t mean to laugh… but… I seriously doubt that the guys all flocked to get a taste of her soy dogs… My guess is, they showed up because she was dressed like this! 82 more words


New Potato Chip Flavors!

Last year Lay’s debuted some experimental chip flavors, and let potato chip fans vote for their favorites!

Cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and who could forget the chicken and waffles . 60 more words


Guys, You Become Invisible To Women At THIS Age...

I discovered the results of a survey that found the age when women will start totally ignoring you. And if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Wait . 117 more words