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Pokémon Nicknames: Riolu and Lucario

Pokémon.Nicknames: Riolu and Lucario

Lucario ( in Japanese: ルカリオ  “Lucario”) is a dual Fighting & Steel type Pokémon. Lucario evolves from the (baby form ) … 330 more words

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What parents of little kids should know.

Huff Post 50 had collected some advice from parents looking back on their earlier years with kids. I laughed at the first suggestion :-) : 896 more words


He Said, They Said

Blink and they’re gone?

The forever youthful members of the pop-punk rock band Blink-182 have defined their musical legacy of making it culturally permissible to write punk rock songs and play punk rock songs with catchy tunes, fun lyrics, outrageous music videos and a rebellious attitude, while also hitting the right chords of deeply personal and emotionally powerful songs. 390 more words