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What Makes A Hit Song Overplayed?

This question was posed a few months ago, before Pharrell’s “Happy” crossed this invisible but obvious line, but if 2012’s merciless triad of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “ 427 more words

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Celia Cruz’s (trans)nationalism

Celia Cruz’s diverse musical repertoire served as a performative locus for the negotiations of both her Cubanness and her broader Latin American identity.

Likewise, her construction of blackness as an Afro-Cuban woman transformed and was transformed by her collaborations with African American musicians and singers, in styles ranging from jazz to hip hop. 87 more words

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Retro Music Mondays

A little history on the term “Pop Music”. Pop originates from the term Popular music which really doesn’t have much to do with the genre of music titled these days as ‘POP Music’. 145 more words

Retro Music Monday

Fan-Tastic at Sheffield Documentary Festival

I was part of a panel discussion on fans and music documentary at this year’s Sheffield Documentary Festival.  The panel was organised by Emily Renshawe-Smith.  We discussed work by Daisy Asquith (Crazy About One Direction), and Nick Abrahams (The Posters Came from the Walls) and Jeanie Finlay Orion: The Man Who Would be King.   22 more words


1,000 Years of Popular Music

A bit of underappreciated scholarship for your Friday entertainment.

Back at the turn of the millennium, Playboy magazine asked a variety of artists for a list of their top songs of the last 1,000 years. 137 more words