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to be read

Some books I’d love to be reading right this moment (but I’m awful at reading more than one book at a time).

1. Gone Girl- I’m a little late, but I’d still love to jump on this bandwagon. 202 more words

America's next presidential election is about to look like an episode of "Dynasty"

When asked last year about the prospect of her son Jeb running for president, former first lady Barbara Bush responded that “…we’ve had enough Bushes.” 937 more words

Vacation in England

True, you can’t swim in the beaches because it’s too damn cold and you can’t enjoy the sun because the weather is always being weird. However, there are still places you can visit and interesting things you can do during your stay in England. 279 more words


Three Popular Today (2011)

1. Certain music.

2. Certain shoe styles.

3. That black trademark turtleneck.


The one that Steve Jobs wore-

Sales, at this time, in much soar.

"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"