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Polyamory: a bouquet of lovers

I woke up with angst this morning, and when that happens, all the ugly appears. Today’s ugly came in the form of jealousy and not just the kind commonly thought of in relationships–the other man or woman–but the all encompassing kind that takes in a little of everything including envy, such as how come some stoned guy who repeats “double rainbow” twenty or thirty times in a video can garner such attention and semi-fame? 703 more words


Research Shows Students Dissatisfied with Degree

Recent research has revealed that many students do not find their degree course demanding. According to the Which? report, more than one in four undergraduates admit they can get away with doing very little study and still get good marks. 177 more words


KPOP Gone Global

There would be no reviewing the K if I didn’t venture into KPOP. I for one am not complainging. I love the stuff.

KPOP is basically popular Korean music. 219 more words


African Night

Pulsing through me
Caressing me
The light night wind
Misty dust motes dance in car lights
Smokey air surrounds me
People appearing then disappearing through the dark… 19 more words


80 Years Later: Beebe, Barton, and the Bathysphere

By: Julia Zeh
Edited by: Aishwarya Raja

On August 15th, 1934, William Beebe (pronounced “Beebee”, not “Beeb”) and Otis Barton went where no humans had ever gone before. 510 more words


Maria Lătărețu - Ia-ți, mireasă, ziua bună (originalul)

Ia-ți mireasă, ziua bună!
De la tată, de la mumă.
De la frați, de la surori,
De la grădina cu flori. 284 more words