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The Fall Of The World Part I – Illuminati New World Order, Martial Law, Armageddon (Video)

(N.Morgan) Many people are still blind to the fact that we are at such a dangerous and dark time in our world. The governments have turned against their people and the villainous plans of the NWO are being used against us in every way imaginable. 194 more words


The dangerous population control agenda

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The population control agenda by organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Trilateral Commission and others, has brought a tragic decline in births– even in areas of the world which already have very low birth rates. 201 more words

Marielena Montesino De Stuart

Microwave Mind Fuk — Are You Being Screwed? (Shocking Video)

(N.Morgan) Our government has been researching and finding ways to deploy Microwave mind control against us and perhaps the country’s enemies. This diabolical means of controlling the populous without ever being detected.Microwave towers now litter our landscaped and cities. 263 more words


Malthus and Population Control

Thomas Robert Malthus wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population, which argued for population control in 18th century Europe. He believed that the growing population would sooner or later be checked by famine or disease, which was in contrast to the popular view that Europe was a place that was very much improving. 221 more words

Planned Parenthood failed again

Twenty years ago, diplomats from around the world met in Cairo to draft a platform of action for encouraging economic development and meeting the needs of the global population. 417 more words


Episodes in the extinction of a species...

Pergan’s screams slowly subsided in the corridor outside.

Like so many others he’d been driven insane, the darkness without gradually seeping within. Ultimately, their small community faced annihilation. 5,911 more words


(MAKE VIRAL!!!) FEMA Sends Me A Blue Letter Then A Red Letter So I Call Them Ask Them Why The NWO Is Here!! (Video)

(N.Morgan) There’s been a lot of debate about the Red stickers and Blue stickers on mailboxes. I’ve never seen any of these stickers or markings on mailboxes, but in the video below, … 212 more words