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Eating Their Young: The Top Ten Wellness Quotes of 2014

By Al and Vik

So much buffoonery, so little capacity on the internet.

The hardest thing we do all year is choose among the many deserving candidates for the honor of inclusion in the year’s top ten most self-immolating comments by defenders of forced “pry, poke, prod and punish” wellness programs.    1,277 more words

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Are some diets “mass murder”? | The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Three “excellent” resources on nutrition and healthy eating, and one of these immensely entertaining. Only two are “excellent” in a positive sense.

First: Are some diets “mass murder”? 291 more words

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Life expectancy increases globally as death toll falls from major diseases -- ScienceDaily

This is important and good news for the health of people all over the world, but especially the poor in developing nations. A few nuances worth discussing: 426 more words

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Obamacare Author: We Shouldn't Have Passed Obamacare The Way We Did | The Daily Caller

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, who’s been Congress over 40 years and much of that time to no good purpose, almost literally articulates my analysis of Obamacare. 52 more words

Health Policy

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Senator Tom Harkin channels Vik Khanna.

Opinion: Affordable Care Act still allows questions about guns

The Affordable Care Act actually contains language that, in a casual read, may make gun owners feel comfortable about whether the government’s private sector enforcers — wellness and disease management companies and health plans — can mine them for gun ownership data. 45 more words


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Gun owners are not out of the woods with regard to the Affordable Care Act and the use of healthcare professionals as the government's enforcers. Statutory language notwithstanding, the President clearly intends that physicians become a conduit for gathering information on gun ownership.

Vivek Murthy Is An Activist, Don’t Confirm Him For A Useless Position | The Daily Caller

Should Vivek Murthy be Surgeon General? I don’t think so. Why do we even need a Surgeon General in this day and age? It is a completely superfluous anachronism. 17 more words

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It's time for Washington to take responsibility for itself. We don't need another bloviating bureaucrat in office.