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The Affordable Care Act is a lie; Book Excerpt 4

The Intellectual Conservative, run by Rachel Alexander, today releases Excerpt 4 from my e-book, Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare. Read the excerpt and then click on the book cover to the right to get your copy from Amazon.

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Excerpt 4 of my new e-book appears today at The Intellectual Conservative.

Watch 2 magicians destroy the anti-vaccine movement in 90 seconds

Penn & Teller inimitably explain the value of vaccinations. If you are a member of the anti-vaccine crowd, to be quite blunt, you’re as dumb as a rock. 15 more words

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Structural inequity in the Afghan primary health care

The Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) is designed to provide services to the population in greatest need – the rural population and women and children, but the structure of the package and the way health facilities are distributed in the rural areas feed inequity in health services against the poorest of the poor. 1,028 more words

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The first step on the journey to quality improvements: Analytic tools

Providers are increasingly turning to advanced analytical tools to efficiently gather clean and validated data, find patterns within that data and make more accurate predictions of population health needs. 198 more words


Should you routinely deworm children if working in a region with a high rate of parasite infection

The debate as to whether or not we should be devoting time and resources towards routine deworming is still out. However, a recent cochrane review… 201 more words


Community Health Workers of Afghanistan and their tasks

CHWs are largely volunteer members of the community, nominated by a Village Health Council (VHC), and trained, supervised and supported by the organization implementing the BPHS. 443 more words

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