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When No One's Looking

That awkward moment when you think you’re alone in the adoration chapel and let out a small bit of flatulence. Only to turn around and realize someone was in the back the whole time… not that this has ever happened to me. 900 more words

Football Coach Quits, Accused Of Sending Porn To Kids

BEAL CITY, Mich. (AP) — A high school football coach in mid-Michigan who led his teams to five state championship games resigned after officials accused him of sending pornography to student-athletes, a newspaper reported Saturday. 183 more words


Tara Reid got a $1Million Offer

Actress Tara Reid is offered $1 million by an on-demand pornographic site. She is offered such a huge sum to work in their next film. According to reports, GameLInk.com was so much impressed by a nude picture of Tara that they offered her for a film. 46 more words


Love vs. Lust

“…Lust is an unsavory word, and it is certainly an unsavory topic for me to address, but there is good reason why in some traditions it is known as the most deadly of the seven deadly sins. 202 more words

Part Two.

She makes a vain effort to half cover herself. Brady feels some sympathy for her, looks for something to cover her with. There’s nothing around. The officer speaks to Brady, “the last thing we need you to do is inspect her. 3,488 more words


Trigger warning: Sex, compliance, manipulation, perversion, crime. Part one.

Wendy’s (the burger joint) was located in a small country town just off the West coastline of California. Working there were a team of young adults that were all faint acquaintances, but, never went out for coffee or anything like that. 2,099 more words


My life before I knew God

” You will search for me and you will not find me” and “Where I am, you cannot come.”

I am a Single Mom, have a broken relationship for almost my life.

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Change By HIM