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"Friendly " WiFi gets off the ground in the UK

I know I have written about this before but last week something that was going to happen, finally did.

On 17th July Britain became the first country in the world to roll out a national scheme which informs members of the public that the wifi being offered in this or that shop, coffee bar or other establishment, or on this or that train or bus, in a  municipal Lesiure Centre, park or whatever, is  355 more words


Are Behavioral Addictions Fueled by Smartphones?

A lot of us are pretty attached to our smartphones, but for some, it’s a real problem.

A survey due out next month says most of us become highly agitated within an hour when our phone is taken away. 183 more words


The link between rape and porn

A lot of researchers will tell you that a link can’t be made between rape and pornography, or that they’re not sure yet if one exists. 386 more words


'Its All Pink on The Inside'

The Most Dangerous Woman in the World

By guest blogger Paladin Justice

The most dangerous woman in the world is she who can gain control of a man’s mind and send him on a journey to do evil. 1,188 more words

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Below is a post I wrote for Viking Bitch's Blog a week or so before I started saboteur365. It's a politically incorrect anti-pornography article focused on mixed race porn star Paris Milan, pictured. Sample of the political incorrectness you'll read in the original: Most white men do not find pure Negroid women to be attractive. Thus, a white man paired off with Mammy is mercifully rare. Because women of other races are more attractive than pure blacks, the porn industry pushes the Asian, Jew, and Latina porn star on us as a tool promoting miscegenation. But if the evil bastards who run that industry would have their way, white men lusting after black women would be just dandy. Mixed black/white porn stars fill the bill to create jungle fever in the white male.

Why I refuse to watch pornography

An impromptu blog post brought on by the distressing articles I’ve had to read for my course in Anthropology of Sexuality. Last exam tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this spontaneous outpouring of indignant Love: 876 more words


Utah Is Being Californicated and Pornified, Symptoms of the ZOG Infection - VB Ground Report

I traversed out this way in the hopes of finding White Communities free from the ravages of the Degradation of White Nations.  Alas, I was mistaken, as Utah appears to be on the way to being completely Californicated and Pornified, symptoms that it is under the spell of ZOG. 195 more words

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Another in an ongoing disclosure of truths that upset the power elites. Viking Bitch's series of ground reports give us a picture of a degenerate, filthy, failing nation, immersed in sexual perversion worse than that which resulted in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm lovin' these reports. I hope VB keeps 'em coming.