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HIV Case Spurs Call For Porn Production Moratorium

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The advocacy group for the adult film industry has called for an industrywide production moratorium after a performer tested positive for HIV. 126 more words


Porn Addiction... Maybe.

Maybe I have an addiction to porn? Maybe not? It doesn’t distract me from working, but then again if I had the choice of watching porn or working I would undoubtedly choose porn. 320 more words


How Porn Destroys Lives - An Interview with the Author of "Pornified"; "A Christian Response to Your Husband's Porn Problem" & Helps

“Porn is for everyone,” says author Pamela Paul, whose new book, “Pornified,” details how the widespread use of pornography is changing American culture and relationships. Paul expected to find pornography use mainly in the realm of “losers who couldn’t get a date” when she started researching the book. 185 more words


"Friendly " WiFi gets off the ground in the UK

I know I have written about this before but last week something that was going to happen, finally did.

On 17th July Britain became the first country in the world to roll out a national scheme which informs members of the public that the wifi being offered in this or that shop, coffee bar or other establishment, or on this or that train or bus, in a  municipal Lesiure Centre, park or whatever, is  355 more words