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Most Teenagers Believe Porn Is Damaging. Could Sex Ed Be The Answer?

The rise of online pornography has long worried researchers, feminists and parents about the toll easy access to graphic images would take on young people. 582 more words

My Thoughts On Pornography

Easy to access, pleasing to the eye and virtually everyone does it so why shouldn’t you?

With that logic, most people convince themselves that pornography is an “okay thing” and that so long as you’re watching in moderation and not letting it become an addiction, it’s totally fine. 1,299 more words

Ever seen ANTS in a PORNO MOVIE? here be pix!

Back in the 80’s, the good old days, if a twelve year old wanted to get his hands on a porno movie, he had to steal one from the video shop, and so that’s what I did. 531 more words


on the nazi occult and evil

I’ve always had a morbid interest in the Nazi occult. Something about the inherent evil of the regime coupled with the possibility that it tapped supernatural forces to further its goals. 1,211 more words

Christian Applications


I am not quite sure why I decided to post these two stories together: chook porn for the farm girl at heart and a story about social media porn giving me more than I bargained for. 602 more words


What is This ?

Every  person try to search generic relief in the gap of their work  .

Men are imprisoned by fence of their daily lives  .

In the era of  computer , tablet , android and electronic gadgets backdated thinking may be seemed disgusting matter to many of us  . 37 more words

Abou Sex Story