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Letter to my teenage self (#1 of ?)

Dear James,

This is both simple and complex. I don’t know where to start so I’ll just start. There was never anything wrong with your body, even if the doctors and the surgery and the treatments alongside kids who faced challenges exponentially greater than yours, made you feel a shameful sense of difference, a distance from the normal your brothers represented. 675 more words

Have You Let Porn Into Your Home?

Tim Challies has written a great article Please Don’t Give Them Porn For Christmas regarding how easy it is for porn to be welcomed into your home and into your kids/teens lives.  260 more words


Sylvie's Story Part II

“Sit on the rim. I want to give you something good,” Giulia told her, and she got up quickly, spilling water on the tiles outside. She picked at her bra straps as she balanced herself on the edge, and Giulia dipped below the water before emerging up to the nose and floating over, lifting her arms above the milky veneer to encircle her around the hips and press her cheek against the other’s warm thigh. 3,497 more words

Pornography: Three Reasons Why Seasons Come and Go and Remain the Same

I kept noticing a pattern.  The older that I became (62) the more I saw seasons remaining the same.

Having this certainty, I did not feel any comfort.   269 more words



There’s an island group in the magical waters of the North Channel simply called, “The Benjamin’s.”

When we arrive with a full complement of sailboats and students, our kids launch themselves into the translucent waters, swim ashore and begin running and island hopping. 218 more words