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The New Cocaine

Dear Friends for Life,   Pornography is seriously penetrating our christian communities. A recent study shows that 54% of Christian men and 15% of Christian women admit to viewing pornography regularly at least once a month. 498 more words


Love, God and Porn Part 2

Last week I brought up 3 issues that I was shown in my struggle from pornography. Now, pornography is a sin against the woman you’re using for your pleasure and against God, who created both genders. 1,654 more words


The question that made me question

My friend asked me this question in a facebook message yesterday. “What does having an eternal family mean to you?” She is giving a talk and wanted input. 1,032 more words

I'll do anything...but that

It’s possible to tell if someone is truly serious about kicking their sexual sin habit (or any habit) within the first few minutes of conversation.   You can tell by what they are willing to give up.   416 more words

LifeSTAR Announcement: New Advanced Sexual Addiction Recovery Therapy Group (Starting Soon)

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime. Those in long-term recovery, including program graduates, are equipped with many tools to maintain their healing but can have various life experiences that challenge their ability to maintain progress. 393 more words


Status Update - more content blocking!

So September is nearly upon us and looking back, August has been probably the toughest month I’ve had to deal with in relation to porn addiction. 1,039 more words


Bigger Isn't Always Better But It Sure Has Its Advantages

I have heard many women say that size does not matter. This may ring true when a guy does not quite have the maneuvers and control it takes to totally contradict that cliché’. 1,637 more words

50 Shades Of Grey