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The Non-Erotics of Oryx & Crake (and other thoughts about the book)

Some time ago, a friend and I decided to read Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy together (Oryx & Crake – 2003, The Year of the Flood… 2,536 more words


What If The Damage Has Already Been Done, Is It Too Late Now?

Yesterday we shared some security measures our family has put in place to protect our marriage.  I hope you got the opportunity to read that post, if not  269 more words


The Taboo Sin

Sorry for the death. Midterms and setting up next semester’s classes and such.


About this time last year I felt God telling me to tell this girl on my hall my testimony. 307 more words


Anti-Feminist Manifesto

I will admit, I am completely and utterly confused by the current feminist movement in America. The pioneers in decades before them fought for suffrage, equal employment, and freedom from subservience- they fought to have a voice. 1,351 more words


Let's Ban Some Books

I read A. Barton Hinkle’s latest, Why Sermons, Tweets, and Campus Speech Are Targets of Liberal Censorship Attempts, at reason.com this morning. I’ve got some basic problems with the article, among them that until recently “censorship was a largely conservative project.” As evidence he mentions the Hayes Office, self imposed by Hollywood, and the Smith Act, passed by a Democrats controlled House and Senate and signed into law by the arch-conservative FDR. 1,008 more words

Teaching Corner

This semester I am teaching an Introduction to Film class and I am proud to say that my students are doing a really great job of participating in classroom discussion, even when it comes to sensitive and difficult subjects. 119 more words

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