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Shanty's PORORO & FRIENDS Cupcakes

Pesanan mbak Shanty.

Tema: Pororo and Friends.

Pemesanan cake/cupcakes/minicupcakes seperti di atas minimal 2 minggu/14 hari sebelum hari H melalui email hernov.info@gmail.com atau sms ke 0818926088.

Moist Choco Ganache

Pororo Park at D-Cube City

I hadn’t done any research on Pororo Park prior to our first trip there, assuming it would be similar to most of the other Kids Cafes I’d been to. 1,212 more words


Pororo Lounge at the Coex Mall

The Coex Mall has finally reopened! And with the new restaurants and new establishments came a new Kids Park called Pororo Lounge. For those who have been to the other Pororo Kids Cafes here in Seoul, the words “Pororo” and “Kids Cafe” brings images of Pororo appearances, kiddie trains, a bouncing area and other super cool attractions. 870 more words


Pororo Park, Jamsil

On the last day of 2014 some friends and I decided to take our daughters to the Pororo Park in the old Lotte World Mall in Jamsil. 1,363 more words


Pororo cake that went ;(

Recently, my cousin asked me to bake a Pororo cake for my nephew and I went, “What is Pororo?”

Okay, I know I am really ignorant but pardon this busy mother, all right? 405 more words


Pororo Park at Lotte World - Meet the Penguin Who Rules the ROK

What better place to spend Christmas Eve than the epicentre of family fun in Korea: Lotte World. The multilevel amusement park in the centre of the city, with its ice rink, outdoor and indoor roller coasters is going to require several trips and hundreds of dollars to explore and report thoroughly.   838 more words


Pororo 뽀로로 S1_3 욕심은 이제 그만 (No More Greed)

3화_욕심은 이제 그만 No More Greed

(transcribed, translated by Dorami)

추은 나라 어느 작은 숲속마을에 에디라는 꼬마 여우가 살고 있었습니다.

In  a cold country, in a small village in the forest lived a baby fox named Eddy. 228 more words