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The choice to not have children is not a result of immaturity

Children.  When the stork delivers them to your door, he also arrives with a two ton shipment of responsibility, with little gift wrapped packages of love, growth, and happiness scattered about.   1,254 more words


Promises, Pain, and Pandemonium

There are some very graphic pictures in this post. You’ve been warned.

Here we are again…. Weeks since my last post. With so much news to share. 1,647 more words

Top 10 Gruesome Disfiguring Diseases

Sickness abounds; although many of us have not suffered through anything more debilitating than the flu, there are hundreds of strange and exotic diseases out there just waiting to cut you down to size.   1,025 more words


Potential Interview

I have received the chance to interview a sufferer of EPP and to learn of how their condition has been diagnosed, managed and the lifestyle they must lead. 49 more words