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Trouble When First Cousins Marry? Henry Scarsbrook Langhorne- 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, #14

Henry Scarsbrook Langhorne, 1790-1854, is my generation’s third great-grandfather. Born in Warwick County, Virginia, he died in Roanoke, Virginia, and was the son of first cousins! 1,555 more words


To be Porphyria - R.M.Clayton

Caliginous places, shifting shapes and faces

Reflect, darken and kaleidoscope derange in mists

That fill my paper lantern lungs with a shaking, shivering sickness

As I run in my minds eye, staggering, with everything and nothing I have left in me. 146 more words


Here I go, blogging on a stupid iPhone. But I’ll do it, this once. I’m feeling a strong pull to get some things out of my heart and into the world. 1,179 more words


New Motivations

So I woke up this morning feeling moody as all get out. The weather is gross and the house is cold and I don’t want to build a fire, so I was being annoyed at the world. 682 more words

"Wer" has this film been all my life?

When i was very young, probably in the first grade, I came across a book examining the history and folklore surrounding Werewolves. For the life of me I cannot remember the title, but this was my first exposure to the Legends and Superstitions surrounding Werewolves, making them more than just Movie Monsters to me. 387 more words