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Portobello Mushroom Pizza

In my constant struggle to eat healthy now paired with the added task of cutting down on gluten I came upon this gem. Pizza’s made with portobello mushrooms as the crust. 237 more words


Whip Up A Week Night Dinner That Everyone Will Love

Monday night seem to be calm around here and I have time to make up recipes in my head and prepare them. As I am getting closer to 5:30 PM I need to get the ideas from my head to my plate. 335 more words

Frank's Special Flatbread Pizza

When I was about four weeks pregnant, I recall sitting down and eating a kale salad for dinner. It was my usual quick, healthy meal. I thought it would be easy to eat healthy while pregnant because quinoa, kale and all those touted foods were already main ingredients in my daily diet. 215 more words


Cooking with Kids

Last night, Jesse and I got to spend some time together alone. As most school nights go, he finished his homework as I began dinner. After his reading was done, Jesse strolled out to the kitchen to see what I was doing. 685 more words

Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (serves 2)


Yummy, Chewy, Toothsome, and Crunchy. Who says plant based foods aren’t delicious and filling? The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and my psychedelic 64th birthday is tomorrow. 154 more words