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When Diversification Fails

Correlation coefficients are one of the most complicated areas of the asset management world, but the idea behind them is pretty simple–or, at least, most of us thought it was until the 2008-2009 meltdown.  816 more words


Chinese port company stocks beginning to rise

I’ve been interested in the Hong Kong-listed port operators for a long time.  Ten or fifteen years ago, it was a truism that world trade had a direct, and high-beta, relationship with world GDP growth and that port operators in China were direct beneficiaries.   223 more words

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An Update on Flexible Asset Allocation

A few weeks back, after seeing my replication, one of the original authors of the Flexible Asset Allocation paper got in touch with me to tell me to make a slight adjustment to the code, in that rather than remove any negative-momentum securities before performing any ranking, to perform all ranking without taking absolute momentum into account, and only removing negative absolute momentum securities at the very end, after allocating weights. 860 more words


Where Can You Get Portfolio Management Even If You Don't Have A Million Dollars

You Don’t Have To Go To The Caymans – but 

Any financial advisor to a family with a net worth of more than US$1 million who doesn’t suggest that that family diversify their investments and their estate offshore in some way is doing a disservice to that client.This does not have to involve a trust in a low tax jurisdiction – but that is how Mitt Romney accumulated $ 250 M in the Caymans. 591 more words

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Ackman, Actavis, Allergan and Valeant

This is a situation I didn’t pay much attention to while it was going on but which I think has interesting implications for merger and acquisition activity in the future.   377 more words

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Companies Offering “Financial Wellness” Benefits.

Companies offer benefits to their employees to attract better employees. It’s also a way to encourage good employees to stay. The range of benefits has expanded to include financial wellness. 226 more words

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economy performance vs. stock market performance

Th financial media often talk about the prospects for the stocks market as closely liked to the prospects for the overall economy.   Is this right? 520 more words

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