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Project Managers Transitioning to Bigger Portfolio's

Project Managers Transitioning to Bigger Portfolio’s

Leadership test arrives for Project Managers when they take portfolio of multiple projects to manage simultaneously, this situation requires more responsibility and discipline than authority. 281 more words


Efficient Market Hypothesis - or Not?


Contradicting the Hypothesis



Not everyone believes in the efficient market.  Numerous researchers over the previous decades have found stock market anomalies that indicate a contradiction with the hypothesis.  869 more words


Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

I was recently asked to present on Portfolio Management and had the opportunity to review and discuss what I have done previously and revisit material from the past. 578 more words

the euro, the US$ and the Swiss franc

With the beginning of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank, the euro has slipped against the USD by about another 3% today to a value of 1 € = US$1.12.   493 more words


Kanban's Geological Record

Craig Watson (@craigowatto) from SkyBet.com has been hoarding away the cards that flow across his teams card wall for many months. He’s kept them in the exact order they were completed. 682 more words


the view from Canada

Yesterday the Governor of the Bank of Canada, that country’s central bank, announced it was lowering short-term interest rates from 1% to .75% as an “insurance” measure to help the Canadian economy adjust to lower oil and gas prices.   242 more words

Current Market Thoughts

Managing Individual Investment Portfolios Better

This article attempts to explore issues in portfolio management faced by individual investors. Good portfolio management calls for appropriate benchmarking in-order to assess performance. Portfolio performance could be improved when individuals posses a nuanced understanding of financial markets. 1,974 more words