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Invest Like A Pro

For those investors who have been lucky enough to have survived one or more major market downturns, some lessons have been learned. For example, there always seem to be some firms that not only survive those downturns, but profit handsomely from them. 1,247 more words

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Current Market Tactics, August 20, 2014

I’ve just updated my Current Market Tactics page.  Look at currencies; consider EU multinationals with large US exposure; hard to find wa in Japan.

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As Mediocre As Gold

The gold standard. Good as gold. The golden years…

So many of our expressions of value and excellence derive from gold. We even use it to symbolize the lifelong commitment (ideally) of marriage. 813 more words

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why I don't like stock buybacks

buyback theory

James Tobin won the Nobel Prize for, among other things, commenting that company managements–who know the true value of their firms better than anyone else–should buy back shares when their stock is trading at less than intrinsic value.   395 more words

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A Retrospective Review … and Implications for Modernity

By Jeff Coons PhD CFA

The general trend of declining interest rates experienced over the last 3 decades, part of a long-term trend Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc. 1,761 more words


oil: the view at 30,000 feet

Oil is either a very complex subject or a very simple one.

There’s a wide variation among various types of oil, the kinds of input a given refinery can process, the politics/stability of the countries that provide the different grades of oil to the market, and the regulatory regimes in different countries where refined oil products are used. 634 more words

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