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Russia as the new Malaysia?

To me, what made Malaysia noteworthy during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s was how vigorously the country defended the interests of a small cadre of insiders who had amassed mega-fortunes over the prior decade or more.   254 more words


A Video Presentation by Political Economic Strategist Greg R. Valliere

Chief Political and Economic Strategist at Potomac Research Group Holdings, LLC

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The “Last Post”

The “Last Post” is a bugle call played in the British Army to mark the end of the day’s labours at the close of a day of battle. 848 more words

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Shaping a portfolio for 2015 (vii): putting the pieces together

I expect 2015 to be a “normal” year, in contrast to the past six.  This is important.

Over the past six recovery-from-recession years, global stock markets have had a strong upward bias.   848 more words

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Shaping a portfolio for 2015 (vi): the rest of the world

world GDP

A recent World Bank study ranks the largest countries in the world by 2013 GDP.  The biggest are:

1.   USA         $16.8 trillion

2.  China         $9.2 trillion… 645 more words

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Do You Have a Taxable Investment Account – Doctor?

Is it Time to Harvest?

Tax harvesting is the process of selling assets for the purpose of creating either long-term capital gains or losses to minimize your tax bill. 1,168 more words


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What is P3O?

P3O is the combination of Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office. P3O provides a decision-enabling /delivery support model for all business change within an organization. 689 more words

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