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Current Market Tactics, April 16, 2014

I’ve just updated Current Market Tactics.  Time to nibble at former high-fliers?  I think we’re getting cloae.

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Understanding Average [Physician] Investor Results


On the failure of the average investors to keep up with investment markets

The following chart was recently published by Bob Doll at Nuveen Investments: 343 more words


The Efficient Frontier - A Fundamental Part of Portfolio Management

In 1990, Harry Markowitz and two fellow economists shared the Nobel Prize in Economics for contributions to the scholarly understanding of personal and institutional finance, an award that had its basis in a 1952 article called “Portfolio Selection.” Later expanded by Markowitz into a book, … 195 more words

Efficient Frontier

Great Moderation 2.0??

I stole this leadline from the FT blog of Gavyn Davies, hedge fund manager, former head of the BBC and, before that, a Goldman economist. Davies, in turn, lifted it from economist John Normand of JP Morgan. 382 more words

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thinking (some more) about PIMCO

Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) built itself into a bond market juggernaut over the past forty+ years, thanks to a soaring bond market, savvy marketing and the superior fixed income management skills of now-septuagenarian Bill Gross. 470 more words

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the Chinese economy (ll): what's happening now

The administration of Xi Jinping took over leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in late 2012 determined, I think, to deal with a number related issues: 577 more words

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the Chinese economy (i): background

size by GDP

According to the CIA World Factbook, the US is the largest economic power on the globe, with 2013 GDP (calculated using the… 331 more words

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