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Investments in development corridors - things to look out for ....

Investors in real estate believe that investments made in developing corridors that have planned roads, highways and toll ways will help improve the value of their investments in the future. 132 more words


Welcome to PM Thoughts!

“Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art”.

Being a Project Management Professional (and an artist) I couldn’t have borrowed a better quote than this to put on the welcome page of my new Blog on Project Management. 59 more words

Account Management

Quick note to self about the portfolio: mental accounting bias

In a word: fungibility.  Many folks are fans of compartmentalising their portfolios: this amount for housing; this amount for retirement; this amount for kids schooling.  There’s a behavioural investment bias associated with this, called… 255 more words

Game, set match the business side with business case for technical investments


Are you experiencing that the technological investment ideas are being beaten by the business side’s business cases, and always have to be down prioritized when there isn’t enough time to do both? 941 more words


Tesco, Coke and IBM, three Buffett blowups

Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway fame is perhaps the best-known equity investor in the United States.

What made his reputation is that Buffett was the first to understand the investment value of intangible assets like brand names, distribution networks, training that develops a distinctive corporate culture. 487 more words

Stock Market

The Art and Science of Portfolio Management

As a senior analyst and portfolio manager with Elm Ridge Management in Irvington, New York, Scott Merves exercises the skills he has honed in his nearly two decades of experience in financial management. 166 more words


Merrill Lynch Jacking Up Fees

We read of a broker at Merrill Lynch who left the firm because, and we quote:

“Under Merrill Lynch One, fees were going to go up for my clients by 30% to 40% on average.”

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