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Notable: VASA Connections Project - Online Portfolio Review

As a creator of just about anything, presenting it to a respected contemporary in one form or another is inevitably a crucial step in validation and growth. 195 more words

Black And White Photography

Meeting Tomorrow for Clements NAHS


So tomorrow, Monday, September 22, will be our first full National Art Honor Society meeting. It will be in Room 1601 after school at 2:45. 289 more words

Portfolio Review: Coach

My investment in Coach is off to a rocky start. It feels like it was an investment somewhat hastily made, but it is not clear if that is just my reaction to being 30% down in such a short period of time.   1,199 more words


Portfolio Review: Barrick Gold

“Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” – Milton Friedman

I don’t like being dogmatic about my investments. Many investors (including many value managers) have taken to buying gold in large quantities in the sure belief that currency debasement by countries around the world will erode the value of paper money. 977 more words


Portfolio Review: Apple

Being the largest company in the world by market capitalization, there is a lot written about Apple. Obviously the Company is widely followed, and you would expect the market for its shares to be as close to efficient as a market can be, so what chance of outperformance is there?  470 more words


Portfolio Review: General Mills

I made my investment in General Mills (GIS) in late November 2013 and paid $50 per share. The shares have not moved significantly since then and I believe the original thesis for the investment holds, but given that I have not written about it yet, I want to take this opportunity to describe it in more detail. 756 more words


Portfolio Review: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

I made an investment in Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) in June 2013 at $46.37 per share. The shares are up 30% since then, which is a much higher return than I would have expected in a year. 938 more words