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Mobile Network Portability (MNP)

MNP atau Porting adalah satu kemudahan yang dicipta oleh kerajaan (SKMM) untuk menjaga hak pengguna mengekalkan nombor mereka walaupun bertukar rangkaian telco. Procedure yang melibatkan 3 pihak- pengguna, telco asal & telco baru kadang2 mengambil masa yang agak lama untuk diluluskan. 1,750 more words


How To Develop Code For Essence# Using Your Favorite Smalltalk's Development Tools

Essence# currently provides no support for any sort of GUI. Nor does it provide any code editing or code browsing tools. You might think that that means that the only way to develop code in Essence# is to use generic text editors, but such is not the case. 1,950 more words

Class Libraries

Ghetto 2D machining

Yes I would like to have a Mill and a Lathe. But mills that work well tend to weigh 3 tons and would not even fit into the microshed I do head work in.  245 more words

A Series Engine

Choosing an Installation Date for Your New UCx Service

So your UCx order is processing through the system with help from your DSCI Account Executive, Sales Engineering, Finance, and Service Delivery. It is now time to select an installation date. 343 more words

Customer Care

QEMU: Call a Custom Function from TCG

One of features that makes QEMU so flexible is an ability to call to a function in the middle of executing translated target code phase. QEMU calls it a helper function. 984 more words

Porting Memungkinkan Perekaman Video 4K dan Timeshift pada Sony Xperia Z1 dan Z1 Compact

Anda memiliki Sony Xperia Z1 atau Z1 Compact? Mungkin Anda iri dengan para pengguna Xperia Z2, yang bisa merekam video dalam resolusi 4k dan Timeshift 720p 120fps. 104 more words


QEMU: TCG Translation

QEMU uses Tiny Code Generator to translate code from target architecture to host architecture. One target instruction may be translated into many TCG instructions. It is the same concept as… 799 more words