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Porting a mortgage is when you move your mortgage from one property to another.  Most commonly and what this post will be on is for when you sell your residential property and move into another.  935 more words


Geographiclib - autoreconf, lintian & libraries

Hi this is another blog about my learnings with packaging in Debian, particularly autoreconf, libraries & lintian errors.

So, this started out with the idea of doing a Team upload of… 537 more words


QGIS & Porter Boxes

It appears that I have got a little bit behind with my blogging! This is a recap of a bit of learning, and publishing it my help me find the information again if I need it in the future. 273 more words


Porting Issues

As the Mortgage Market Review enters it’s sixth month of operation, a few issues are arising. One such issue is highlighted by the Telegraph. People who are looking to port their mortgage (see previous ‘Topic’ post) are being denied due to affordability amongst other reasons. 104 more words


do while vs. repeat until

RATFOR translation in “Software Tools” has a repeat-until loop in the code listing for the detab program. The program replaces \t (tab) characters with a number of blanks until some predetermined tab stop. 186 more words


Glitch in the System on Android

Glitch in the System is now available on Android! Check it out on the Google Play Store and let me know what you think!

The iOS version of the game is still underdevelopment but it will be here soon!