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REVIEW: Cameron James and Jared Jekyll in PARADISE

Don’t be misled by the picture…

By Margaret Wieringa

Being asked by the usher, ‘Have you got a ticket to Paradise?’ was one of my favourite non-show moments of this year’s… 383 more words

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REVIEW: Emily Taylor's PET for MICF

Unleash the comedy!

By Margaret Wieringa

Did you have a pet growing up? A cat, a dog, perhaps a guinea pig or a goldfish? Chances are, you probably did. 346 more words

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Come for comedy, and be charmed!

By Jessica Cornish

‘Tis the season for comedy: the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival has begun. Last night I was lucky enough to have tickets for… 348 more words

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Jenny Kwan to repay $34,000

I just come across a CBC news story about NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, so I am postponing my follow-up blog (Part 2) on the Chinese translation of the title of “The Chinese Immigration Act” passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1923. 265 more words

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