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Floor-Sleepin': Ep. 3 – The 2nd Annual MacBook Pro Shitting of the Bed

So here’s the fuckin’ deal: When I went to college, I went to a film school, and as part of the program, we all got MacBook Pros and thousands of dollars worth of software. 1,197 more words


Pre-Trip Nerves?

Tomorrow’s the day. The day I begin my first 100% solo travel journey. I mean, I’ve kind of traveled alone before – I went to I went to Chile alone, I went to Guatemala alone, but I was always meeting up with a group of other Americans and I always had the safety net of some tried-and-proven organization to back me up. 502 more words

French Polynesia

Early Christmas

Sometimes family life and calendar life don’t coincide. So we celebrate when we can. Logan is almost 2, and toddlers can be quite entertaining.

We did sight seeing things, of course. 524 more words

Portland OR

What you need to know about tattoo removal in Portland

Not everyone who gets a tattoo will keep on loving it for the rest of his or her life. Sometimes even a great tattoo can seem like a mistake later in life, but when this happens, you may think you are stuck with your permanent tattoo. 347 more words

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Portland Or

Handsome boys

It was a challenge photographing these two completely different personalities, but it was a lot of fun! William “Birdie” and Henry are the most handsome boys I know!


Floor-Sleepin': Ep. 2 - The Perfect Pussy

It was Sunday, November 30. A friend of mine, Branson, had come to collect me so we could venture into downtown for some jolly co-operation. Initially, we had plans to go to a sword shop… because why else would Branson want to go downtown except for the chance to gawk at lethal, sharp metal sticks. 757 more words


Extra Points ~ Staying Power

This week’s focus point…Staying Power

This past Friday evening, I was driving back from Portland after a 3-day conference. It’s a 3 hour drive at night, and it’s a great time for me to relax and listen to some music. 414 more words