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21st April 2014: Turnstones

Couldn’t resist posting a few photos of a couple of (Ruddy) Turnstones at Ferrybridge this afternoon: Male and female. The male in particular was looking especially smart in black, chestnut and white: ready to head north. 42 more words

Patch Post

Multi-Track Syntax Fellowship

A mound of sham with colored dust drinks his, aesthetic flow fears deep, waters I heard when time arrived for, its need indeed my seed has, rather covered themselves in the shit they, shrivel in ruins nor, the utter sudden flutter did I, hear her eyes are walking summer, classes colored to see the real lovers fear, never the color of, the sky that is seen I am so, high I’m hiding, behind burnt out stars just like, me except, I am also a bandit happy though, on Mars, showing my space, travel off frozen sweat to an alien I loved, not 2 lives passed as I was, a sexy Saturn native Contemplative and not, addicted too like you, the plato cave sun lit in, this I am doing time on earth which is, the galactical, hell of music, and that shit like I do, smell and somehow know its the only way, in…. 164 more words

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W Burnside & 16th

The north side of W. Burnside between 15th and 16th Avenues was a lively hub of commerce in 1917. A newsstand and a barber shop, art, antiques and salvage material, a Saxon automobile dealership, and a garage all shared this block.

(City of Portland Archives)



While the victims of sexual assault are most often women, both perpetrators and victims can be of any gender or sexual orientation. This post is about my experience as a heterosexual, cisgender woman. 680 more words

Pacific Northwest

Free Thoughts from Portland, ME

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m in Portland, ME, but I’m not writing about Portland, ME right now. I’m writing about me being tired and still writing at some weird (but, at the same time, great) “business center” in the Hampton Inn at midnight – yes, midnight. 135 more words

Degree's of Gentrification: Trader Joe's v. Whole Foods

In February, news emerged after the Trader Joe’s grocery chain had plans to open a new store in a historically Black neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Local activists  and groups such as The Portland African American Leadership Forum, protested against the new location citing the development would increase gentrification, displace residents, and would create a negative impact for the Black community – instead of benefiting them. 319 more words