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Blacksburgia webisode 8: The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

The Perpetual Rotating Cadet

Frankie and Bridget are working in the VT library when they spot some ROTC cadets walking on the sidewalk outside their window.   117 more words


Jamie's BLOG - DAY 112 beautiful places: portlandia

Today’s the first day of the new series:  Beautiful Place.

First up: Portlandia! Not only is it our favorite show, we’re headed there in like two minutes. 39 more words


Gherk-in or Gherk-out?

I’m not one to pass judgement, but, if you don’t like gherkins then you are weird…and we probably can’t be friends, sorry. Now we’ve got that out in the open and I can guarantee that only gherkins, pickle and cornichon lovers are reading, we can get down to the nitty-gritty. 246 more words

Blacksburgia webisode 7: Cloth Carpet

Blacksburgia webisode 7:

Cloth Carpet
A young married couple with a child recounts their journey from regular diapers, to cloth diapers, to cloth toilet paper, to— finally—their invention and advocacy of cloth carpet.   57 more words


Sexsomnia and Birds


So I was in Portland with an old friend of mine for the past week or so. Essentially, we walked further than I care to remember, drank lots of beer, coffee, and cocktails in mason jars, and ate a metric shit-tonne of food. 213 more words


Gender Detective

Stay sex positive and remember not to take yourself too seriously all of the time