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Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme Plays Carrie Brownstein's Brother on Portlandia

IFC’s “Portlandia” has seen its fair share of musicians making hilarious cameos in the past, this time is no different.

Josh Homme plays Carrie Brownstein’s gay brother, who disappoints her when he is more interested in Jägerbombs and partying rather than giving her decorating tips for her living room. 49 more words

Queens Of The Stone Age

'Portlandia's' "Disappointing Gay" Sketch Looks Very Familiar

A few years ago, my good friend Mikala Bierma and I made a web series called Disappointing Gay Best Friend. It was successful in a specific way: a number of sites shared the videos (such as Jezebel, Salon, The Awl, and BuzzFeed), which each racked up a few hundred thousand views, and there were also some comments attesting to my attractiveness (making this project the only time in the history of the world I took anonymous comments on the Internet at face value, thank you very much). 550 more words


Josh Homme Is The Disappointing Gay Guy On This Week's 'Portlandia'

On a very special episode of Portlandia this week, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme stops by to play Carrie’s gay brother, and he’s bringing along comedian Nick Swardson as his partner. 143 more words


Blacksburgia: It's time for someone to make it a show

Calling all videography, drama and media students at Virginia Tech, I have a task for you:

In the tradition of Armisen and Brownstein, it is time to create the show  303 more words


Because it is Funny

Portlandia episode about conceptual art.

Anti-Corporate Student Art

Everyone has to realize that the things we ascribe to can be a bit silly to others. It is hard to talk to people about being an artist at times, because you can imagine their preconceived notion of your pseudo-counter-cultural overrated lifestyle when they say “So you paint?” or you feel like face-palming yourself for getting into a conversation when this person tells you they are artists too and direct you to their DeviantArt dragons drawings. 93 more words

Cafe: Clearing the Vision of Dreams

I just wanted to share an image of this awesome Linocut created by Portland artist Thomas Rude. It’s titled “Cafe: Clearing the Vision of Dreams.” Thomas Rude is a prolific artist, I’ve shared other work from him before on this blog. 31 more words


Late Entry: Bad Words=The Matrix? I Don't Even...

There have been quite a few Jason Bateman movies. In the past ten years or so, the Teen Wolf Too star has made a real name for himself, appearing in shows and movies like  666 more words