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Meet Montana, a fellow commercial photographer living in San Diego, California (@zimmermanphotography). After years of knowing of each other, we finally met and shot together! It was such a fun adventure with such a kind and charismatic girl. 17 more words


Benedict as Sherlock

In this particular photo, is it the gentle gaze or the slight melancholic expression, that gives him that Shelleyan quality that’s so hard to capture in a drawing? 18 more words

Normal Posting


Many customers ask what the difference is between the paper we use and the Mass Market Photo processors. I think its a great question and allows us to clarify why our Portrait work stands out from the other mums and dads photography.  225 more words


The Monster Behind The Mask...

One of my favorites so far!..

A cool portrait photo with a darkened effect.

True or False Self!!!..

“Behind every mask is a monster or is it your true self. 10 more words

Using Photoshop to Enhance My Images

I personally prefer black and white portraits to colour. However they do not necessarily work the best all the time. So I chose to use photoshop to edit my images in a way that would enhance their best qualities. 256 more words