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Meet the Rocketman Who Made Jet Fighters and Car Crashes Survivable

In the early jet fighter days, nobody knew how much G-force the human body could withstand. Testing the limits of survivability came down to human testing. 94 more words


“- May I take your photo? What are you doing here?
– I am here to meet my friends. What is the photo for?
– May I show you an example? 12 more words


Everything they had...

There in Latvia is small town called Aizpute where happens apple fest. They make juice, beer and even vodka. Thats fun to be there and see everyone in some process. 38 more words

Nauris Zeltins

“Everybody needs to do something that express themselves. For somebody this is drawing, poetry, writing or music. I express my feelings by playing music. But the playing also produces feeling and thoughts. 14 more words