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Madeira is a great place but it’s red hot and the UV index is a whopping ‘9’ so I’m hanging out in the spa which is warm and humid but low on solar radiation.



A medieval variation of “Elizabeth“, meaning “oath of God”.

Beileag, Belina, Belinda, Belinha, Bell, Bella, Belle, Ibb, Ibbie, Ibby, Isa, Isabela, Isabell, Isabella, Isabelle, Isbel, Iseabail, Isebella, Ishbel, Isibéal, Isobel, Issie, Issy, Izabela, Izabelle, Izzie, Izzy, Sabela, Sabell, Sabella, Sabelle, Sibeal, Spela, Ysabel, Ysobel, Zabel, Zabell, Zabella, Zabelle, etc. 24 more words


New publications: Narrating the Postcolonial Nation and Speaking the Postcolonial Nation

The essays collected in this volume look at the way that Mozambican and Angolan literary works seek to narrate, re-create and make sense of the postcolonial nation. 591 more words

Hispanic Studies

Football. And I mean American Football.

Hello everyone!

I hope that this finds many of you in the midst of ROCKING the start of your school year.  Special shout-out to all of my teacher friends out there–may you all inspire your students and have a wonderful year! 545 more words

Welcome To Enoch's Couch / Seja Bem Vindo Á Sofa Do Enoque

Hello World! Welcome to Enoch’s Couch, a blog that will be in English and Portuguese where I muse and comment about religious issues, particularly regarding those about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly called “Mormons”. 765 more words


What's your flavour... tell me what's your flavour.

Alright my friends! Now we get to the fun part! I would love to know what your FAVOURITE Portuguese dish is! I have way to many fav’s to even begin to make a list. 39 more words


Stickers Art Over Bar na Metro-Bikes

Stickers Art Over Bar nas próximas encomendas da Metro Bikes! 

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