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Winged Creatures: Pegasus and Icarus

It is within the nature of the human mind to invent what is lacking. We cannot fly, but birds fly. Flying is so powerful a wish that we have invented angels and archangels who inhabit not only the Old and the New Testaments, but also belong to other cultures. 1,293 more words


The Future for Small Producers in Australia

This week Investor Ideas spoke to Paul Adams, an analyst with the brokerage firm DJ Carmichael in Perth Australia. Given the excitement with junior mining companies in Australia lately, I thought it would be worthwhile to recount the interview here. 534 more words


Poseidon, Horse Tamer

He says it is Himself as Horse Tamer that I must look into. Would explain the rabid love/fear I have for horses. Well one reason anyways. 7 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Ποσειδων Attacks Ζευς With Four Options on the Question of Discipline

The thought of discipline is erroneous. Meaning three things. First, when outsiders think of discipline they think of straight lines and followed commands. They think of strong older men who overestimate the boundaries of their rationale. 366 more words

Alt Lit


Poseidon has just recently appeared. Like every other Divine Being in my life He is not “Poseidon”. Well He is. But He’s not.

And people wonder why I struggle so much to explain my beliefs, hehe! 355 more words