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Review: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Ric Riordan

When you look at this huge book, you just imagine it being one of those huge children’s books that has more pictures than words. However, as I opened to the first story, I found myself just giggling throughout the book. 410 more words


Japan offers Britain submarine-hunting planes

Japan is trying to sell Britain submarine-hunting patrol jets to replace the RAF’s axed Nimrod planes, as the country pushes arms exports for the first time in decades.

99 more words
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Poseidon: a Narrative, excerpt

(in part just to keep this on the frontmost of my back-burners. This editing project is my dangling carrot to get through the trilogy, lemme tell you) 511 more words


Happy New Year!

If you’re not out celebrating the end of another year at a lavish party, chances are you’re sitting at home waiting for that ball to drop, and maybe watching a movie of someone enjoying their night a bit more than you. 683 more words



Yes, I do wonder what it says about me that in a book about dying Gods and reincarnated heroes the scene that most stood out and annoyed me was when the two otherwise smart girls Andie and Cassie are in science class letting their male partners do all the work because they aren’t very good at science.  389 more words


The Lightening Thief

The Lightening Thief

by Rick Riordan

I’m going to tell you my rating right off the bat – 5 PAWS!

This is my second reading of the book. 616 more words

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