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The Garage Of Life - Prologue

I shuffled around in my seat. I’ve got a kinda bad feeling about moving to Poseidon.

“Deanna. Remember not to boast.”

That was what Mom and Dad said a thousand times before. 601 more words


Make your own demigod

Im going to do something new. So in the comments make up a demigod. It must follow this format


Full Name:


Godly Parent: 58 more words


27/1/14: Himeros



The shattered skyline bore me up and

Placed me on the brazen shore,

I seeped into a golden cup and

My gaze warmed you to the core. 22 more words


With a blog dedicated to water, it would be blasphemy if I went on any further without acknowledging the actual god of water: Poseidon.

Poseidon is the Greek god of water. 540 more words

To have and to hold...?

Last week we got some earthquake action and how lovely it was for me during a time when I was searching for a way to reconnect with Poseidon. 300 more words


Cool like Fonzie?

In many areas of life the “cool kids” are those who bend or break the rules. Now, while not doing your homework might be a rebellion of sorts it probably won’t do you any immediate damage (I don’t think teachers are allowed to throw things any more!), however, even at this level you could be missing out on a vital lesson that you will need in later life. 424 more words