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After God made man in His own image and likeness, He positioned man at the east of Eden for rulership and governance. 366 more words

Fluttering Motion

Tiger swallowtails flutter more than perch when they’re feeding.

I decided to go for pictures with movement for a change.

They did land on the phlox flowers and flutter to hold their position. 15 more words


STFU, Observe

There is lot to learn from surrounding. Hold on that position and observe, sit there and see at the things around. Everything around has come there traveling for sometime. 127 more words


US Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire

Military Videos of the World – US Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position Under Fire.

Army infantry reconnaissance squad in Nurah Lam Laghman Province assaulting a Taliban compoundThe video shows an RPG that the Taliban threw down as they retreated from their positions as they closed within 25 meters For all the armchair generals here this team reacted a lot better than most Ive seen At least this wasn a standard ake contact suppress and retreat situation They took contact identified the enemy location pushed forward and forced the Taliban out of their positions so quickly that they had to leave supplies and weapons behind

Military Videos

Don't stand too close to me (personal space)

When we interact with other people, we don’t always do so at the same distance. For instance, there might be no distance at all between two people who know each other well and are comfortable in each others’ company, or there might be oceans of space between a speaker at a conference and their audience. 606 more words

Body Position

Graphic Designer

Position: Graphic Designer

Company: TabTale

Location: Tel-Aviv


TabTale is looking for excellent Graphic Designer

Experience in gaming mandatory.
Excellent knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator mandatory. 15 more words

Career vs. Job

I’ve learned in my life that if you want to accomplish something… set a deadline.

Give yourself a deadline to complete whatever it is you want to do. 423 more words

Angry Rant