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Thngs around us at times in life sometimes gets put on delay but I have learned that everythng that s delayed is not always denied. It is just on hold, and the reasons may vary but the fact remain it is delayed. 175 more words


A Most Pervasive Element – Rich's Rule # 14

Sometimes you will have power over others.  Other times, power with others.  Sometimes you may have to use power despite others.  And, ideally as a leader, you want to express power… 117 more words


Being the Right One

Are you the one or should I look for another? This was a question John the Baptist asked when he was in prison and had heard the works of Jesus Christ. 158 more words

Nolan Watson: Sandstorm Gold In Better Position Than Silver Wheaton in 2008

WallStForMainSt, 12/2014


Wall St for Main St welcome back Nolan Watson, who is the CEO of Sandstorm Gold. In this podcast, we discussed the current state of the gold market and Sandstorm Gold. Plus…

REAL Money

Her soul

Every time she smiles her soul glows. Her soul is like a seed of light, every time she smiles her soul grows. Her beauty is one with the unknown. 184 more words


Obstacle and Self-Pity

I have a slight problem with my pole – now we’ve put up our Christmas tree, I can’t do any spins on it! However, I am pretty good at spins now, so it isn’t the end of the world. 153 more words


Material: Attributes

Windows are interesting, because every view from a window is different. Even if there’s more than one window looking at the same scenery, it still is from a different position or angle. 85 more words