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Day 3: Inhale strength, exhale weakness

Phew, what a day. Another early morning wake up call at 3:45am but once again, I was incredibly grateful to be out before the sun came up and enjoy as much breeze and coolness that we could. 630 more words

A Positive Magnet

The Truth of Mind,
is a magnet of knowledge.
Wisdom isn’t something,
they teach you in college.
Pursue your love — Love your life,
Live the dream.


The Biggest Principle to Growing Your Business and Have a Fulfilling Life

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Leaders are people who others want to follow and want to be around. I like to call it the kavorka (thank you Seinfeld). 203 more words


Alice Branton – Developing a Positive Attitude

Alice Branton says that a positive attitude aids you manage more easily with the everyday businesses of life. It conveys hopefulness into your life, and makes it cooler to evadedoubts and destructive thinking. 92 more words

Alice Branton

Actions Have Consequences

Actions Have Consequences

All actions have some consequences. Some consequences are positive and some are negative. If you go to work every day and do your job and cooperate with the people around you and meet or exceed your expectations, you’ll be well thought of by your peers. 504 more words


Infant in Arms

At nearly 9pm on Sunday night, I half-heartedly attempted to keep up with Lala and Peanut as they sprinted and waddled, respectively, down the open corridors of the Kansas City International airport. 1,047 more words


Being grateful of the small things

Throughout the last 15 months I have learnt a lot about myself and about the world around me. Thanks to my chronic illnesses my life slowed down incredibly quickly at that point and this has given me the time to discover more about me and the simple, small things that can make a difference in your life and change a horrible day into an OK, or even a good or excellent, day. 403 more words