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Quick and easy ways to benefit from yoga every day

So, you’ve tried this yoga thing.

You’ve experienced the benefits of increased flexibility or relief from back pain. Maybe you’re sleeping better and you feel more relaxed in every day life. 871 more words


Life; Making It Count, inspiration

With each and every passing day we discover just how brief, and how precious, life is and we need to embrace our time on this earth by making each and every moment count! 59 more words


Day 5: Life lessons learned on the road

4:00 am came awfully early this morning and I had a very hard time falling asleep last night so needless to say all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. 965 more words

35/14: the case of the missing magpie

Isn’t it ironic that I just posted a picture of my lovely magpie garden ornament, and then I looked out the window to find it had disappeared? 242 more words


Breathing Space

Breathing space

unperturbed serenity

alleviates anxiety.



time set aside

work through


emotional predicament.


For emotional


well being

prevention of

stressful, anxious periods… 18 more words

Bahagia Itu Sesuatu Keindahan dalam Kehidupan

Bahagia itu sesuatu keindahan dalam kehidupan. Anda dapat berbahagia ketika menanti liburan tiba, melihat anak anda lahir, melihat panjangnya umur orang tua anda dan kebahagiaan itu, sebuah anugerah. 29 more words


Inspirational Days

Sometimes it is easy to get in a rut, and not  be the normal jubilant person we need to be, so starting from this Thursday we would try to pick a random weekday which would become  Inspirational days where we would highlight and showcase quotes and sayings or pictures from the around the world, some might be anonymous, and some  maybe from famous people, and try to put it into our effect in our daily schedules. 100 more words

Being Me