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Touch and Learn

You must have seen these adults who keep pulling their kids away from things, raising their voices telling them not to touch anything, doing the whole “1-2-3-4-5″ routine and then dragging screaming kids away. 551 more words


Boys do cry

My kids were video-chatting with their grandparents today, and one thing led to another and my not yet 3 y/o son was told to man up and not cry, because boys don’t cry, apparently. 509 more words


Sister relaxation time, travel with toddlers

Today my sister and I left our regular nanny and her irregular babysitter in charge of the four kids and went off to the spa. It was an act of daring, enhanced by the fact that you have to turn your cell phone off there. 301 more words

When your toddler says NO, a lot

We all heard that once your kids learn the word “No”, that is all you’ll hear from them. And then the people who tell you this will normally roll their eyes and start complaining about their disobedient bad toddlers who are always punished for saying the word. 272 more words


How to Encourage Kids to Try New Things

“How can I encourage my child to try new things?”

There is collective agreement among many parents that this can be difficult depending to a child’s temperament and overall outgoing-ness. 1,037 more words

Positive Discipline

I'm (an) Official!

Natalie and I packed up and trundled off to Oakland all day both days last weekend and underwent the 14-hour training to become certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators. 1,163 more words

Staying cool, calm, and curious in the face of really irritating behavior . . .

It was Monday night, I was sick, and my husband had been out of town for the long weekend.

He arrived home in the evening, intending to stay just long enough to print out tickets for a Warriors game (one his few indulgences, which I am happy he takes) and then go. 709 more words