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Class Dojo Isn't the Problem, We Are if We Choose to Run it Poorly.

Class Dojo and I met last summer. I learned about it at a tech conference, checked it out, quickly and readily got acquainted, and began using it in my Tech classes. 865 more words

Class Dojo

Parenting Hack #3: Stop, Drop and Breathe

Okay, I copied this title from a genius: Laura Markham.  You can read her post here http://www.ahaparenting.com/ages-stages/school-age/Emotional-intelligence-examples.

I, however, am posting this Zen Frog to remind you to “get down” :)  Not the “and boogey” kind, but, when I am feeling annoyed with a child, I may remember to stop (moving, usually, away from the child, to do some… 103 more words


Parenting Hack #2

#2 Decide what you will do:  This can also be called “be prepared, like a Boy/Girl Scout” ! Okay, a story from my own parenting, just to let you know I am real.   337 more words


stones + stamps = Sanity Saved

Oh my gracious.  I just love my daughter to death.  She will be five soon and is so full of life sometimes I think she will just burst with her prolific exuberance! 876 more words

Book Highlight: You Are Your Child's First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin Dancy

This week’s theme seems to be the correlation between “learning at school and home”, and how we as parents are truly our children’s first teachers. So, it’s only appropriate that this week’s book of choice be  311 more words


Parenting Hacks

Listened to a podcast from Tim Ferriss (4 hour work week) about “life hacks”: tricks to make you proficient with less work, and thought about the parenting classes we teach (5 sessions, 2 hours a session).   128 more words


Planting S.E.A.D.s

I love the metaphor of growing something from a seed. It gives us hope that we have the capacity to nurture and support a life as it encounters tremendous challenges to simply grow. 396 more words