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Tonight, we play.

I have always been young at heart. Partly because I still think I’m fairly young at the age of 28, but it’s more than that. I LOVED my childhood. 694 more words

Be Gentle

The Comfort Corner

This is one of the biggest tools in my parenting toolbox, both literally and figuratively.

A Comfort Corner, or Calm Down Corner, is a designated safe space for a child to escape to when he or she is feeling angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, or any other sort of intense emotion. 1,242 more words

Attachment Parenting

becoming a DELIBERATE parent: Parenting to foster optimal development and well-being

What does it mean to become a deliberate parent?

The first thing that strikes me with that question is the notion of ‘becoming’ – becoming a deliberate parent is a journey of discovery, experimentation, transformation and grace.   1,812 more words

Conscious Parenting

If only spanking worked

I am always confused when I hear how some people claim that spanking children works in their family and with their kids. Note, it workS, not it workED. 190 more words


Ask the Parenting Coach - Aggressive Behavior

Reader Question:

I’d like to learn strategies on addressing aggressive behavior in preschool aged child. I prefer a positive discipline approach, but this behavior is tough! 1,233 more words

New Parent

My peaceful parenting rant

Just saw some FOX News host repeatedly shake his belt in the faces of three experts sitting in his studio and trying to argue that spanking and hitting children is outdated, and modern parents should use more peaceful methods based on recent studies. 200 more words