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And So it Begins...

Welcome to Ditch the Switch: Alternatives to Physical Discipline!

I’ve been contemplating starting a resource like Ditch the Switch for the past several years. There always seemed to be a block in doing so, whether it was work, starting a business, wanting to be around my family more, or just laziness and procrastination. 425 more words


practicing in my sleep, Hazel's lunch, time with Hazel

I woke up at 5 am “practicing” the chords in the final movement of the Respighi in my head, and was more or less awake from then on. 208 more words

"Good" v. "Bad"

I help teach a Positive Discipline class, and a parent asked me: “When my son is bad, I say that he is bad.  Is that alright?” 463 more words


Positive Discipline Helps Child Behave

I came across this great questions on how to use Positive Discipline to help children behave. To add to that, I think the most important elements within Positive Discipline are modeling the behavior you want and treat children with respect. 37 more words


A rough day

It’s been a hard day. I was in a bad mood, burned out and low on margin, the sort of place in which incessant whining is massively difficult to process or deal with. 283 more words

Me, my kids, and our cat.

So, we are having a picnic in our backyard, and then I notice that my 3 year old son is very articulately reprimanding our cat, shaking his finger in front of her nose and telling her to get her act together or she will get punished. 255 more words


My Parenting is Not a Judgment of Yours

Amy Brown is the brilliant mind behind Zen Parenting.  She is a mother, wife, former teacher and law enforcement, activist, and also happens to be my mentor and friend.  483 more words

Attachment Parenting