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Positive Discipline

I use positive discipline in my classroom to promote the development of better behaviors and social skills.  It is important for every child in my classroom to have a positive experience with school and I find that positive discipline helps students to take responsibility and engage in the classroom in a more positive way in the long term. 20 more words

Positive Discipline

Quote (Haim G. Ginott)

Makes…you…think. And then think even more. And, maybe, realize we shouldn’t be so harsh on our kids. After all, it’s just an umbrella, figuratively speaking. … 133 more words


Quote (Jodi Picault)

Another deep message today. Sounds simple, yet not many people give it enough thought.

Do you want love or blind obedience (also mistaken for”respect” by some parents) from your kids? 133 more words


Positive discipline is not Punishment

The first weeks of a baby’s life can be grueling and tiring for the new parents. Some parents can be completely overwhelmed with this new life that is suddenly thrust upon them. 472 more words


How Positive Discipline can promote Autonomy in young Children

As children grow older, they like to explore and push boundaries. What they are looking for is a sense of autonomy and self-confidence, an important cog in the wheel of development.

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Spanking is hitting

“The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) condemns the use of physical punishment (corporal punishment) in the discipline of children and recommends alternative methods that enhance children’s capacities to develop healthy emotional lives, tolerate frustration, regulate internal tensions, and behave in socially acceptable ways. 134 more words


I am my kids' friend

When I was a child, and then later a teenager, my mom would always stress that she was my parent, not my friend, so I shouldn’t see her as one, treat her as one, and talk to her as one. 438 more words