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Game of Thrones :)

I hate to take this on, but this is one area where nice, normal people go crazy, so I might as well join in. The craziness seems to be most acute in America. 436 more words


Cultivating Your Child's Character

It was a pleasure spending the evening with an engaged group of parents to think about what we each want our Character Legacy to be and how to practically go about passing that on to our children.   45 more words

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Interesting Powerpoint on developing character in young children. One important point, "decision fatigue": that is, the truth that the more choices we have to make, the worse job we do. So, much of character development is fostering positive habits. Mary

Connection Before Correction

I often sit with parents as they lament, “But they just don’t listen to me!”  It’s true and I get it. It is a frustrating cycle. 257 more words


We all know that it's important to listen, but....


Great blog post on the importance of listening to your kids when they are excited to tell you something.

But what do you do when it is boring, or off topic, or they are interrupting Gramma, or you are trying to get them to put their shoes on and get out the door? 234 more words


Flipping your lid, and what to do when others do


Lovely post on the painful ebb and flow of a tantrum. I especially like how she talks through her thinking, particularly the fun of having spectators and how one is tempted to give in to any requests during the tantrum (“I want to walk now!”), only to have it backfire. 397 more words