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My Parenting is Not a Judgment of Yours

Amy Brown is the brilliant mind behind Zen Parenting.  She is a mother, wife, former teacher and law enforcement, activist, and also happens to be my mentor and friend.  483 more words

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I cry happy tears

I think I cried for the first time today while watching my positively-parented kids interact with each other. And those were happy tears, believe me. 195 more words

Positive Discipline

You're never too old to follow your dreams

Recently I decided to retired from a 14 year career in sales intelligence and reporting to dedicate my life to positive discipline and nonviolent communication education. 95 more words

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Ask the Parenting Coach - Bed Time Battles

by Sarina Behar-Natkin

Reader Question:

I’d love to learn strategies for getting my two-and-a-half year old to go to bed (and stay there) now that he’s learned he can get out! 1,558 more words


No more crying over spilled milk

You have no idea how this brought back so many memories. Not very pleasant memories, too.

Here is the thing. My mom had short temper. She always lost it when I dropped or broke things by total accident. 357 more words


No more spanking memes, please

Didn’t plan to revise any pro-spanking memes today, but was sent this new “gem” by a concerned peaceful parent, asking if anything could be done with it. 221 more words


Communication, weekend with family, parenting class

We left Thursday afternoon to head for the mountains, had no internet connection there, got back Saturday night late, I photographed a wedding on Sunday, and bedtime was hard last night so I chose to watch more Potter with Ted rather than writing a blog post. 1,099 more words