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Book Highlight: You Are Your Child's First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin Dancy

This week’s theme seems to be the correlation between “learning at school and home”, and how we as parents are truly our children’s first teachers. So, it’s only appropriate that this week’s book of choice be  311 more words


Parenting Hacks

Listened to a podcast from Tim Ferriss (4 hour work week) about “life hacks”: tricks to make you proficient with less work, and thought about the parenting classes we teach (5 sessions, 2 hours a session).   128 more words


Planting S.E.A.D.s

I love the metaphor of growing something from a seed. It gives us hope that we have the capacity to nurture and support a life as it encounters tremendous challenges to simply grow. 396 more words


kitted-up Madsen, cold weather, lice redux, sibling balance

It is quite cold for the west coast, literally freezing this morning. Yesterday was only brisk, however, and I went to pick up our cargo bike from the shop where it’s been being upgraded, and I rode it home. 694 more words

No No No... So Many NOs!

Tilly has always shown a sense of determination, even when she was just a baby. At 16 months old she is using that determination to assert herself; she now realises that she can vocalise exactly what it is she does and does not want. 730 more words

Being A Mama

Family Meetings

Positive Discipline (and Adlerian psychology) describes four “mistaken goals” that children have: undue power, undue attention, revenge and assumed inadequacy.  By this they mean that all children want connection and belonging, but are not good, always, at getting it.   96 more words


On Praise

via BBC News – Lavish praise from teachers ‘does not help pupils’.

I heard an outline of this piece of research by the Sutton Trust on Radio 4 this morning whilst pulling up my socks. 811 more words

Philosophy Of Education