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Have We Been Mis-diagnosing?...or Mis-understanding?

Based on the stories I’ve heard over the past few months, and the personal experiences I’ve been through, I have begun to wonder just how much we really know about what our children are going through as they ‘grow up’. 302 more words


Breaking Away From the Maelstrom of Negativity

I made a terrible mistake!

I came across a video that was making its rounds through the internet. Drawn by its title, my curiosity was piqued. 880 more words

Law Of Attraction

7 Ways To Drive Yourself To Distraction

I know that sounds bad but sometimes distracting yourself is a good thing.  Have you noticed that when you are stuck on a problem or dealing with something that is unpleasant, it’s easy to let all of your concentration drift to the problem?  1,362 more words

Look Ma! No filters!

Young kids see so clearly, without filters, they don’t think about how to explain, they just do.

I was privileged to be in a workshop recently that included 3 young boys (8-11).   243 more words


5 Ways You Can Show Compassion Today

Okay!  This is a fun one for me.  I love showing people how to practice compassion in everyday life.  It’s not something that came naturally to me.  1,758 more words

The Key Point Of Self Love

The key point of self love is

that you love the way you are NOW and it can happen when you start to focus on any positive aspects about yourself.


Paradoxical Parenting

Why do we so often assume that those around us benefit from our ‘sage’ advice?  Why do we regularly insist upon telling others in our lives what we think would be best for them?   315 more words