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A simple technique to create better habits

I was inspired by a talk that Trevor Silvester from the Quest Institute gave at Questival 2014. He was discussing ways in which we can more easily integrate good habits into our lives. 241 more words

General Wellbeing

Small, super-effective solutions for busy Big thinkers (Pt 2)

If you are like most people in business today you can feel overwhelmed.

Just when you get started on a project or task (your original plan) something “more urgent” comes along and derails your plans. 639 more words


Do you know that everyday you are unconsciously reliving successes or failures? By playing these positive or negative tapes over and over in the mind, you are literally planning and practicing your future. 204 more words

How to identify your bad habits

Let’s face it many of us have habits that we want to go away. As much as we want some things to disappear our habits, good or bad, are part of our behavior.  273 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

3 reasons I stopped hitting snooze

Until about a year ago I was the worst at getting out of bed before 7.30am. I’d literally wait until the very last minute and only allow just enough time to shower and get dressed before rushing out the door.  727 more words


Do one thing

When I first conceived the idea for this blog I thought I’d set myself a challenge: Engage in one creative activity every day. 

Now I’m realizing that a possible danger with that project is that I might end up turning creative experiences into just another source of pressure, something that has to be done. 511 more words