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3 reasons I stopped hitting snooze

Until about a year ago I was the worst at getting out of bed before 7.30am. I’d literally wait until the very last minute and only allow just enough time to shower and get dressed before rushing out the door.  727 more words


Do one thing

When I first conceived the idea for this blog I thought I’d set myself a challenge: Engage in one creative activity every day. 

Now I’m realizing that a possible danger with that project is that I might end up turning creative experiences into just another source of pressure, something that has to be done. 511 more words

Focus on Positive Habits vs. Negative

When working with my clients, I urge them to focus on the positive, healthy habits they can incorporate versus trying to just “stop doing the bad things.”  Instead of saying “I’m not going to eat any refined sugar,” replace with “I’m going to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables every day.”  Naturally, as we incorporate additional healthy habits, the appeal of negative influences gradually diminishes. 111 more words


Monday Motivation: Success is a Choice

Quotable: “More than anything else, it is persistence that keeps us great. Anyone can be great for a day, a week, a month. The people who ultimately will be successful are the ones who understand that success is a long-term commitment, a marathon instead of a sprint.” Rick Pitino in “Success is a Choice.” 193 more words

Weekly Update

A Year of Being Grateful

A Year of being Grateful: Day 149

I have just signed up for a ‘30 Day Drawing Challenge’. The challenge is to draw for at… 1,989 more words