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The Life of George Washington and the Paradox of Liberty Restraints in a Military Devoted to the Protection of Freedom

In a prior post, we compared the rise to power of George Washington to that of Octavian, later Augustus.  We have also managed to touch upon the writings of one of Washington’s namesakes, the redoubtable Washington Irving, when posting about the great travel memoir, … 616 more words

Original Works In English

Specific policies: some preliminaries

The goal of the preceding posts on politics has been to start thinking through what it would look if a progressive today tried to write the kind of book that Milton Friedman wrote in Capitalism and Freedom: a general vision of government capable of displacing the discredited Reagan era vision of “small government” as good government, alongside a number of specific policies that illustrate how the vision could be made concrete. 258 more words


Back to Basics (and Beyond)

Over the past six weeks, Publius and I exchanged thoughts about Gordon Wood’s Radicalism of the American Revolution, mining it for insight into the cultural complexities and political tensions that recur throughout American history and into the present. 1,978 more words