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I have been reading a book called, “Born for Love” by Dr. Bruce Perry. He is a child psychiatrist and an amazing speaker. I saw him present a few years back and if you get the chance to attend one of his presentations I highly recommend it. 1,444 more words


I was meant to have you

I was meant to have you.

And I don’t say this profoundly,
or even philosophically.

Anatomically, primitively.
I was meant to have you,

to create and sustain you. 13 more words

I Know What You Need But...

An amazing shift can happen when we start to see behaviour as existing to meet a need. But there are some common pitfalls that people fall into in the practical application of this concept. 271 more words


Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction and Mediocrity

It’s really tough on me emotionally when I see parents making certain choices that are hurting their kids a lot in the long run and have to bite my tongue because I know I will be told I am a judgmental know-it-all. 617 more words

Life Lessons

25 Loving Words to Say to Your Kids - Positive Parenting

Today’s Recommendation is a video to watch and listen:

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School Holidays - Week one down

Well, it’s Easter Sunday. The boys have gone on a long bike ride after hunting for eggs this morning. Despite the fact that my son doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny, he was still really excited about Easter and asked if we could please still hide all the eggs for him to find in the morning, and we are very happy that the belief in an imaginary bunny has no bearing on his happiness on Easter morning! 1,184 more words