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Positive Parenting Includes Seeking Help When You Need It

The way to being self-destructive is a long and gradual process. It is tough to tell when a child or teenager actually crosses the line from being a ‘normal kid’ to being a ‘troubled teenager’. 506 more words


When Nothing Goes Right

Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing went as planned? Well last week was one of those weeks for us. Literally, every single thing that was planned for the kids during the week fell through. 2,696 more words

Life Lessons

A Teenager's Confession: The Person I Hate Most..

One look at her and you’d never guess she is barely 16.

She speaks well, is well groomed, respects her elderly and was ready to step up. 344 more words


3 Things You Can Do To Be an Awesome, Positive Parent

I am happy and grateful that the flubug I caught the past few days seemed a lot better this morning
It means I could make myself useful for the official opening of today’s Child Minding Centre belonging to a friend and teacher I have much respect for. 489 more words


Jump Rope - Jump In

I started thinking of a song my Dad use to sing when I was a child.

Old Aunt Mariah
Jumped into the fire;
The fire was so hot… 352 more words

Child Development

I salute the ipad! 5 ways to entertain a toddler while moving.

We just finished moving, and I salute the ipad. In the past I have been against little kids playing video games and watching tv but that has changed!!! 193 more words

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting:How it Benefits You and Your Kids

As a parent, most of us can attest to having constant reminders that bad behaviors would be treated with a rod, a scolding that causes embarrassment amongst cousins (especially) or the threat of being handed over to the ‘homes’. 925 more words