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Be yourself

Be Yourself! Everyone else is taken.
Oscar Wilde

Child Development

Co- writing children's stories via Skype

If you haven’t heard of the JNP project , you soon will. It’s been going for over a year now although the first books won’t come out until October 2014. 538 more words


How to help your child become a confident reader

Reading makes you smarter is the conclusion of a research project which followed 1890 pairs of identical twins from the age of 7 to 16. The research team led by Dr Stuart Richie of Edinburgh University has shown that being an above average reader at age 7 is not only predictive of higher verbal ability, which we may have predicted, but also of higher non-verbal cognitive ability. 958 more words

Educational Success

Sod genius - it's kindness that matters most!

I can’t bring myself to watch the child genius programmes on channel 4. Even the trailer is enough to put me off.

I cannot bear the mass acceptance and propaganda that genius is so worthy we have to parade our kids across the telly as tools for our own self gratification. 410 more words

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I absolutely love this blog post by Ross Mountney. Thank you Ross for these wise words.

Teaching Children JOY

Dear Parents
As announced earlier this month, we are publishing small articles for your parental enrichment. Enjoy these suggestions with your little ones.


Positive Parenting

Children are like mirrors

The past two months have been tough for me as a mom. I have been ridiculously stressed and short on patience. I think my feelings have definitely rubbed off on Laila, in addition to the fact that her molars are coming in, making for an extra cranky little girl. 549 more words


What's wrong with calling your daughter a princess?

I believe princesses often get the shaft.

There are so many blog postings and articles out there that often make you feel bad for declaring your daughter your princess. 560 more words