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Where Has The Fun Gone? A Look At Today’s Over-scheduled Children

by Julie M.

The amount of scheduled activity that children are involved in today has dramatically increased compared to past generations. Today’s norm in parenting seem to be focused on starting kids off early in organized activities or sport. 475 more words

Positive Youth Development

Here's more on grant funding!

Purdue experts to offer advice to farmers on writing grant proposals

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Two Purdue University experts in grant funding will provide information in a webinar that will help farmers better understand how to apply for funding for sustainable agriculture educational programs and research. 294 more words

Awareness of Obesity in Today's Youth

By Greg S.

“The effects of out-of-school time on changes in youth risk of obesity across the adolescent years,” a recent study by Zarrett and Bell (2014), examines the effects of out of school time activities on youth weight through the mid to late adolescence years using pattern centered methods and modeling procedures to obtain results. 760 more words

Positive Youth Development

Is Yoga, and Spirituality Suitable for Schools?

By Jesse U.

With the benefits of yoga becoming more evident and increasingly popular, I think it is time we look to see if it has a rightful place within the walls of our schools. 745 more words

Positive Youth Development

"Incorporating Children with Behavioral Disorders into Sport and Recreation"

By Katelyn P.

With the rising demand for recreation and sport programs to be incorporated into youth development, there also needs to be an emphasized importance on community-based activities for children with emotional and behavioral disorders as-well as children without disorders. 680 more words

Positive Youth Development

Bringing Nature Back to Nurturing Child Development

by Kimba M.

Canadian children are growing less and less active, which is why movements such as ParticipACTION are at work advertising and trying to promote more active children. 655 more words

Positive Youth Development