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Parent Coaching from the Sidelines should be Banned from all Sport

by Desiray W.

Growing up in society today a lot of parents want their child to be the best at everything they do and they want their child to succeed in a particular sport like they never got too. 707 more words

Positive Youth Development

Youth Volunteering In the Community

by Matt B.

In today’s society of volunteers, we are noticing a big drop in volunteers because most of our volunteers are at the ages of 50-60 years old and when each year goes by, we are losing a good amount of volunteers (Halton Hills, 2014). 596 more words

Positive Youth Development

Specialization in Youth Sports

by Laura B.

“My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.” 598 more words

Positive Youth Development

Youth Sport Specialization

By Jordan D.

It is every parents dream to see their child excel at a sport at a high level. Many parents tend to live vicariously through their child, which may cause them to push their child to obtain a scholarship or beat the odds and become a professional. 628 more words

Positive Youth Development

I'm Too Busy Right Now, Just Play on Your Phone

by Meggie S.

It’s sad to see the effort that goes into youth development through some parenting today. In the busy schedules of today’s professionals, it unfortunately is the proper fostering of youth development that seems to get compromised in some cases. 786 more words

Positive Youth Development

Keeping Score

By Hailey R.

Children are taught from a young age, if you want something, you have to work for it. Or at least that is how they… 697 more words

Positive Youth Development

Climbing the Way to Youth Development

by Madeline K.

5.11, dyno, crimp, ATC, slab, heel-hook, quick-draw, cam, hand-jam, crux…These are all terms I grew up understanding and loving. I was a rock climbing kid, but I knew very few other kids who had bought in to this fantastic sport. 793 more words

Positive Youth Development