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Not Everyday is Perfect...

Heyy Kiddies,

We all have those days were everything goes wrong or you just don”t care to care.

I work in retail and I always get those “crazy” customers that will yell, swear and throw things at me for not reason, but just because things are not going the way they exactly want it to. 111 more words


Your wish is my command

Asking. This is a first step in the law of attraction. What is actually Asking? Well, we all know the story of Alladin who found magic lamp and got to ask for 3 wishes but it isn’t that simple. 2,843 more words

Law Of Attraction

Black Swan and Perfectionism

It was for the third time that I saw the film -Black Swan today. It doesn’t fail to leave goosebumps on me; at the same time it leaves me with a bundle of questions that remain unanswered. 319 more words


Don't worry, be happy (15 photos)

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Discouragement is no grounds for giving up.

Alyssabeth Knerr

Discouragement is no grounds for giving up.

Channel that energy to drive yourself to try again, try harder, to work continuously… 11 more words

Speak your Actions; Behave your Words!

Actions speak louder than words – which means what you do is more significant than what you say. However, what if what you say is not consistent with what you do? 453 more words