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What are the contributors for depression?

Contributors for depression can be anything from doing too much, car not working, your partner dumping you, or loss of something or someone. Also warpy and negative thoughts can be a contributor as well. 296 more words


Three simple ways to work out those problem areas

Ryan Mortensen with 7 Fit Studios joined us in the studio on Friday for tips on working out those trouble areas. Using three simple movements he showed Amanda how you can tone up your glutes, triceps and lower abdominals. 72 more words

Keep The Faith Friday

A friend of mine got really pissed off and down this week looking at the news in Ferguson, the air strikes in Iraq, as well as almost all his friends (including me) having epic personal issues and ranting about it online, he requested on Wednesday that we make Friday “Keep the Faith Friday” in hopes to “remind humanity that we can all do some great things when we put our minds to it!!” I’m kind of hoping it catches on. 109 more words

#positivethinking: solving problems

If there is a problem you can solve then do it. If there is a problem you can’t solve then don’t waste energy trying to. Save your energy for accepting it and overcoming the situation.



So I’m sure you’ll have read how bloody negative I am about the legal profession and all involved in it. Although I like to think I’m a realistic advert for what the generation below me are getting themselves into… 87 more words


Kind...ness? What is that?

Kindness. Being thoughtful. Thinking of others.

These are things that people just..aren’t anymore or just don’t do anymore.

Simple things like asking someone how they are and actually caring about their response. 429 more words