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Make Up Gallery - Pro Liquid Eyeliner


The packaging is quite nice. It’s nice and simple. I also like how long the lid is.


I love how thin the brush is! 179 more words

Cheap Makeup

I am going to kick your butt, Monday

I started with a 5 mile run in the dark at 5am. My husband never did catch up with me…yay me! That won’t happen again:-( 117 more words

Daily Affirmation

I am practicing healthy habits of my mind as well as my body


"Do not be misled. Bad associations spoil useful habits." 1 Corinthians 15:33

It’s been 26 days into 2015, and I have carefully used this time to examine what I have been able to accomplished with my life, where I am in the present time, and where I’m headed as I look ahead. 508 more words

"Meet and Greet" ... 25 things about Donald:

1) I am really very, very shy. However, I’ve learned to overcome this in business situations. Socially, not so much … yet … but it’s getting better! 695 more words


It's not a happy day... but!

It’s not a happy day , it’s not even a good day but I still feel somehow cheerful and gleeful.

Since the minute I opened my eyes this early monday morning I was feeling happy, not happy blissful, full of joy or having that sweet childish happiness that makes you giggle over the smallest tricks ;which for some they may say that it’s the reversed effect of high depression; no it’s not that. 56 more words

Positive Vibes!