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and tweaked to see clearer.

Dollar trees tweaked(but not necessary in IRL these lines have been clearer than the FRER.) 16 more words


Earth Day! :D

Yesterday, April 22, was National Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries—from Zimbabwe to Albania to Indonesia—took action to protect the planet. They organized demonstrations, contacted their elected officials, planted trees, cleaned up their communities, demanded renewable energy targets, and much more. 408 more words

Energy Chords - what are they and what can you do about them?

What is an energy chording:

An energy chording is where you are chorded with someone or something else, taking your energy.

How to know that you have an energetic chording: 492 more words


The decisions we make determine who we are and determine the kind of future we are supposed to lead up to. Decision making is very important in affecting our actions in our life. 238 more words

There's just so much good in the universe.

I recently started following a few blogs on Tumblr that were run by Starbucks baristas who like to rant about work. I enjoyed it at first, but after a few days I stopped reading their posts because, let’s face it, I can’t expose myself to that much negative energy. 927 more words


Shunya is Everything!

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Trapaaing has worked hard to communicate the philosophy of Brahmagupta  with regard to his teaching on fortune and misfortune in our daily lives. 499 more words

Glasses and their nature of repleteness

Some say the glass is half full.
Others say the glass is half empty.
I say stop analysing and enjoy your drink.