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It is almost impossible to meet everyone’s expectations. Everyone has different expectations for you, do who do you follow?
Set your own expectations and set your own goals. 49 more words

7w 1d - let the mind games begin!

It has been a weird week, I was explaining to a friend of mine this morning that I have been coming home after work and questioning if I cheated on my meal plan that day?!? 259 more words


Keep going

Stay in company, talk about positive and happy things, try to be more open with others – it might bring some happy surprises, or not, but trying doesn’t cost much energy, right? 46 more words

#Retro #8Bit Digital Platformer goes Analog in the best possible way

This popped up on Design Taxi today.
A stunning combination of two of my favourite things, videogames and free running.



You Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover

My whole life I knew I wanted to help people. At a very young age, throughout school I thought that meant being a doctor. So, when it was time to go to college I chose a school that offered a top notch biology program at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. 574 more words



The Webster’s dictionary describes “Gripe” as – “to complain with grumbling”.

God words are defined to me as; positivity, truth, uplifting, encouraging, non-judgmental, promising.

Gripe=death, God=life. 551 more words

My Thoughts

Good day?

I am having an amazing day … well it’s nearly over so I guess I should say I have had an amazing day!!

From the moment I woke up to now I have just been really smiley and happy and nothing is behind it; there’s not reason for it … I’m just happy! 263 more words

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