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Removing the negativity

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to ensure your continuing going on your path of self discovery and ensuring your only keeping positive thoughts about yourself ? 297 more words


Our lives move at a pace that gives us no space and time to think of how every person we talk to, every word we heard and said locks a certain code in our minds. 183 more words

A different View

A short time ago I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and took on something new, well new to me, Instagram. I was very apprehensive about posting pictures publically and feared getting daft or cheeky comments .Such a silly thing to be bothered about really, as what it would matter I could always have deleted any if they did arise? 562 more words


It's official.

Only 3 weeks ago, clear as day I remember taking that pregnancy test. Waiting in anticipation for what could potentially change my life forever. I never thought it would end up like this. 104 more words


Easter greetings

Good morning everyone or good evening whichever time zone your in at the moment.

Just a quick a blog message to wish everyone a Happy Easter… 46 more words

You Are Made Of Lovely, Juicy Potential

Seriously. You are. There’s all this energy in the universe that can never truly be killed or quashed. It just changes, adapts, creates new experiences, places, things and sights. 559 more words

Inane Ramblings