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Cheeses Me Off

As of lately I’ve realised that there are 2 things in this world that really cheese me off:

1) Negative people

You know the types that I’m talking about, those Debbie Downers who put a negative spin on pretty much everything. 342 more words

Possibilities in One Day, Kindness and Happiness

   Today is a new day – a new beginning.  You have been given this day to use as you please.  You can waste it or you can use it for something worthwhile.  172 more words

Good Reading

Be Different |شخصيتك بيدك أنت تحدد من تريد أن تكون وأنت تبني ذاتك بنفسك

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

 قبل كل شيء أتمنى لو نعطي إهتمام أكبر في قراءة هذا الموضوع 

ربما يكون ملهماً لك فتخرج من هنا وقد أكتشفت شي جديد بداخلك لم يسبق لك أن لاحظته شيء سيقودك للتميز والنجاح والعبقريه 

Mr. Happiest Man at Walmart

It seems I always share my grocery shopping experiences on here.  It really is a time that I dread, but it ALWAYS is a time that I learn something, I find new insight and I am blessed.   421 more words


The Butterfly Zoo

On Bulgamarsh Rd in Tiverton, Rhode Island, holds a hidden gem: The Butterfly Zoo.  The exhibit is home to butterflies from all over the world including Giant Green Birdwing from New Guinea and Zebra butterflies from Costa Rica.  26 more words


to interact with a lesson one must realize it takes place when there is mind stimulation.  once stimulated, one begins to analyze what is brought before thee.   87 more words

Marley Love!

He make me see the music,and listen the colors.This babe knew how to control the beautiful power of the music.
Happy Saturday,smile!!!