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New Year, New Start?


Well, that is what I thought on 1st January 2014.


No, not that thing that most of the female population have once a month. 442 more words

Heath & Heath: Applying Positive Content to the Classroom

In additional response to the reading, I find it interesting how engaging content can be utilized in the classroom to produce responses from students. As instructors, we are consistently asking our students to consider multiple viewpoints and ideas by presenting them with content that is meant, in some way, to engage   their interests. 264 more words

Visual Representations and "Positive" Outcomes

Heath & Heath have constructed an interesting article on the vitality of ‘good content’ and the successes that come with content that achieves a certain purpose. 347 more words

Changed Mindset

When taking on new endeavors its important for your mind to be focused and open to the ideas and situations that will come about. Fear is the number one factor that holds a lot of people back from succeeding. 187 more words

Bridging the gap between positive and metaphysical sayings

I grew up hearing positive type people saying “whatever you can conceive and believe you will achieve” It was always a catchy statement and sounded very positive. 246 more words

The Ten Bodies | Yogic Anatomy | The Third Body ~ The Positive Mind

Name: The Positive or Expansive Mind

Key Word(s): Equality, Positivity.

Key Saying(s): Devil or Divine.

Guru: Guru Amar Das – Known for his devotion, love, promoting equal rights and dignity. 897 more words

Kundalini Yoga

Handsome Tuesday

The most positive thing I can say after a day like today is…I MADE IT without going crazy!!!!! Nothing to do at work yet so I relied on emailing and texting everyone I could think of, mess around with WebMD ( why not), and most importantly listen to Jay Mohr and Handsome Tuesday. 62 more words