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Time to Unwind

This week we’re going to focus on transition.

transition |tranˈziSHən, -ˈsiSHən|noun; the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another… 318 more words


The beginning, or the end.

A couple things have become clear to me recently-

The first, is that everything appearing in my life is a physical manifestation of a thought form. 398 more words


I am a Self-Conscious Person.

Today’s topic is self-consciousness.

First, some background on me and how that word applies to my life: As a chronic over thinker, this is embedded in my personality. 718 more words

A Gift

Your love is timeless
Feels like I’m floating in the Dead Sea.
I can’t explain it in words that would do it justice, or compliment its presence in the present, a gift from the universe, your love is a present. 25 more words


All of your broken pieces

Oscar, this is a message I read from Power of Positivity on facebook, and I want to send it to you:

Someday, Someone is going to hug you so tight… 30 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Didn't cringe even a little bit :)

So I haven’t posted here in like a week, mostly because I’ve had some crazy writers block, but even more so because I had a lot to work out internally. 465 more words


As part of a series of questions to examine myself a bit more, I am starting off with the following – “What opportunities have I had or missed?” 255 more words