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POSITRACTION: Wais Barakzai -- The Video


Wais Barakzai: The Video that inspired a million lives Facebook

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A 3:00 minute video. No idea if true or not, but if it hasn’t “inspired a million lives”, it did for me. 19 more words


POSITRACTION: New nanobots could destroy cancerous tumors soon



August 30th, 2014 at 8:10 am
New nanobots hunt down and destroy cancerous tumors

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An army of tiny weaponized robots traveling around a human body, hunting down malignant tumors and destroying them from within sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel. 207 more words


POSITRACTION: The humanitarian disaster at the southern border



August 13, 2014
by Samuel Gregg

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For weeks now, Americans’ eyes have been fixated upon the humanitarian disaster unfolding on our southern border, as some of the least among us seek to enter the United States without permission from what is, after all, a sovereign nation. 278 more words


POSITRACTION: The Syracuse Chiefs, an exemplar of Noblesse oblige



Team’s visit to children’s hospital is a big win after a bad loss
Posted on August 12, 2014

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A professional baseball player whose team gets clobbered, yet shows up the next morning at a children’s hospital — I mean really shows up, doesn’t just phone it in — is more than OK in my book. 203 more words


POSITRACTION: One man's "farewell" email


My Farewell
Posted: 07/28/2014 7:46 am EDT Updated: 07/28/2014 8:59 am EDT

John Donnelly is an 82-year-old retired public relations executive who has held senior positions in industry, government and the non-profit sector. 940 more words


POSITRACTION: "Big Data" in medicine to save lives


Posted by samzenpus on Sunday October 13, 2013 @10:32AM
from the checking-the-chart dept.
mattydread23 writes:

“Often, the signs of eventual heart failure are there, but they consist of a lot of weak signals over a long period of time, and doctors are not trained to look for these patterns. 144 more words