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Waking the Dead

Dear Diary, waking the dead seems easier than waking up a sleeping teenager. I dread the morning ritual of waking up my teenage daughter. I don’t know if it’s all the Vampire movies but I am starting to think it’s real. 414 more words


I feel like a little girl that needs to be tamed.

I watched this video for the first time yesterday. My initial response was ‘watch it again.’ We are so quick to reject what we do not understand. 291 more words

Definition #85 Obsessed

to be obsessed-or
to be possessed-
that is the question


A look Back at Possessed (1947)

In a time where mental illness was rarely spoken about, and when it was it was in hushed tones, Possessed takes the bold step of examining a woman’s breakdown and the story behind it. 822 more words



I gaze in this mirror but can’t see my face
Something quite other has taken its place
Where once there was sunshine the sky is dull grey… 137 more words