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Maine Woman, Not Blessed After A Sneeze, Now Possessed By Demon

A Maine woman, to whom no one said “God bless you!” after she sneezed, now finds herself cursed and possessed by a demon.

Parties with knowledge of the situation have confirmed to this Modern Philosopher that Dani Swan, 25, of Milford, had her body taken over by a demon just after midnight. 555 more words


A Girl Possessed

A girl possessed
Needs to be exorcised of this demon
But her demon isn’t evil, no
Her demon is actually caring and loving
Has a big heart, 82 more words


To Have Known Better (part 2)

As the healers carried the unconscious Arathier into a hut Eruviel found a secluded corner of the camp not too far from him and sank wearily to the ground. 1,833 more words


Metal Monday: Possessed - Seven Churches

Seven Churches by Possessed: Often credited as being the first Death Metal album, although it’s probably more Thrash Metal sounding in my opinion. Whatever genre you want to put it under, it is an absolute stunner with truly astonishing guitar work, great vocals and a simple but effective driving drum beat. 9 more words

07-09 The Night Knows No Forgiveness



possessed water,

in the air,

on my face,

baptize me,


I am,


flip me over,


flip me back,

I need, 21 more words


23 Terrifying Pictures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

In case you ever wondered what a scaleless snake looked like.. http://t.co/7r2FnlMXu0
Terrifying (@TerrifyingPics) December 01, 2013

Knife throwing http://t.co/LTrYVLuskE
Terrifying (@TerrifyingPics) January 06, 2014…

390 more words

Born on the 27th of June: Remembering Moroni

Known as one of Hollywood’s most dependable character actors, the mustachioed and balding Moroni Olsen frequently was seen in his films as a clergyman, doctor, or cop, but he holds a special place in cinema history for a far more unique performance – providing the voice for the Magic Mirror in the 1937 Disney classic, … 1,242 more words

Film Noir