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La future monnaie

Perhaps, when Elijah returns as promised, he will stand outside our stores with a handful of pebbles and pay us to buy nothing. When we object that a pebble is worthless, he might well answer: “I took it from the future, and with it you can buy a little bit of time”. 30 more words


Thanksgiving 2104

Everyday I get a little bit better.

I improve in subtle, yet

accumulative ways.

Each step marks a milestone.

Even though I’m so close to me, 207 more words

What endures, what lingers, and what gets washed away?

It’s  nearly been a whole year since the last Thanksgiving, already. I know, Thanksgiving as a Brit living England is technically not my holiday. However, I wish we had something similar in the UK. 1,161 more words


To A New World

tunnels, tunnels everywhere
so many lights to pursue
with ends beckoning bright 42 more words


The Answers are right HERE!!!

Paper and pens and pencils, maybe a pair of scissors…… It’s all you need…
You can create ANYTHING!!!
Sketch it out!!
Write it down!!
Scribble!!!!!! 16 more words


This Should Hold the Answer?

As I was driving home today, thinking of the way I feel, an image of me tight-roping across a deep pit of death came to mind. 177 more words


contemplating if

the longest word
in the English language
it takes forever
to cross
from the beginning
to the end
of that word
and much
is lost
along the way

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