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If we could lie to the people who lie to us,
Why can’t we love the people who love us as well?

Why do we push ourselves to those who don’t want us? 109 more words


Powerful words for powerful girls.

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This is one of my favorite quotes ever from Shakespeare! As a result I have dedicated a small wall area in our home to this quote and to the girls in our home that it references!!! 99 more words


Unstoppable American Ambition, or Why Every Other Kindergartner Thinks They'll be President

Teacher: So class, what would you like to be when you grow up?

Sally: I wanna a teacher, just like you Mrs. Murphy, and a mommy too. 261 more words


Day 273 - Meditation Series: Royal Omelet

The Royal Omelet meditation is the last addition to the meditation series began during the summer and fall of 2010. Have no fear, I have no intention of stopping this series as God breathes new life into my writer’s heart.   214 more words


The "L" Guideline to Living a Balanced Life

Personal Habits that Foster Balance
(Mind, Body, Emotional, Spirit)

Learning is a life-long task.  Constantly being open to new experiences and learning new things, helps keep us young at heart and our human ego at bay.  272 more words


Day 273: Possibilities

Our mind can play us tricks. It can bring us into imaginable land and make it happen – in our mind. Like fear, it can grows from a small seed and becoming as tall as an oak tree in a second. 122 more words

New Day

nestled possibilities - September 29


the pile of books

grows larger, old

papers strewn

within, alongside

nestled possibilities

set aside for another

day that never comes.