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Days of endless rain
Possibilities if snow
Wettest pre-Winter


What we believe, does it matter?

What we believe matters.  What we believe changes our reality.  Belief matters because it changes the way we act.  If a person believes something they will live in a way that reflects the reality of their mind and work to create that reality.  1,552 more words


What's Pain? A Portal to Feldenkrais Magic

“Pain is the doorway to wisdom and truth” – Keith Miller

In a muscle culture that worships six pack abs, where grueling feats are glorified, where “no pain, no gain” is a mantra if not a secular prayer, the Feldenkrais Method might seem as unusual to Westerners as Hogwarts would have seemed to Muggles, had they been allowed to visit. 947 more words


How To Keep Your Christmas Calm

Christmas. Whether you celebrate or not, this time of year can be hectic to say the least. If you practice yoga it’s probably the one time that your body and mind need the practice the most, and yet somehow it always seems to be the thing that drops to the bottom of the list below shopping, organising, festive drinks (hangovers!) etc. 913 more words

Yoga Stuff

Day 70 | The Greatest Grandeur by Pattiann Rogers

The Greatest Grandeur
Pattiann Rogers

Some say it’s in the reptilian dance

of the purple-tongued sand goanna,

for there the magnificent translation

of tenacity into bone and grace occurs. 222 more words


Visit With Your Guardian

In addition to being a dear friend, Arnie is my personal threshold guardian. His appearances in my life always signal that change is a’comin’. The last time that I saw Arnie I left behind everything that I knew (literally and metaphorically). 397 more words

Truly Powerful People

A piece on foreign policy by Dante West

Nigeria. Been touted as the giant of Africa, its often wondered and
asked what exactly is the foreign policy and the current political ideology
really is. 882 more words