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Thirty Nine Years Later

It had been 39 years since we’d seen each other.

When I heard his voice on the phone, he sounded very different from the 15 year old boyfriend I remembered. 545 more words

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday

Day 20 of 90

Day 20 of 90 of #cleanse4expansion which means we are already two ninths into the project. Yikes. How am I ever gonna reach my impossible goal… Well. 207 more words



In today’s society, it is so hard to feel and be positive. I woke up this morning, and God laid a specific mission on my heart: to be POSITIVE  and to maintain a positive attitude (even if I was faced with a negative situation). 440 more words


Strength To Share In The Impossible...

An old Chinese proverb claims that “limitations are the boundaries we place in our minds.” What do we consider impossible? Certainly, what is impossible for one person may not always be for another.  156 more words



Sometimes, I feel we get stuck—stuck when it comes to the choices we make. Its with “these choices” where we create our own, unique path. Some choices we might not like; other choices we learn to like; choices that don’t make sense; choices that do make sense; choices that are hard to make; choices that are easy to make…everyone has a choice. 320 more words


All Things Are Possible

The Bible contains the account of a man who once came to Jesus asking how to receive eternal life.

Jesus spoke to him about keeping commandments. 209 more words

Photos With Christian Thoughts By Myra Johnson

You Will Receive What You Believe

In order to receive all that God has for you, it is necessary to position yourself under the Biblical principles established by God. You must understand the conditions which releases the blessing of God and your ability to receive those blessings. 655 more words