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Would I Die to See Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel?

Maybe it’s the terribly relevant fact that mass shootings in  populated areas have become a major American problem, or maybe it’s because I came of age rather dramatically in a post 9/11 world, but whenever I sit down in a movie theater, I imagine bombs going off on the other side of the screen, and me not being able to hear them over the surround sound. 1,168 more words


Post-9/11 backlash in workplace: Employer Liability for Discrimination against Muslims

GLOSS: A November,2001 joint initiative by the EEOC, the Justice Department, and the Labor Department meant to increase sensitivity and to combat instances of potential discrimination or harassment against Middle Eastern individuals. 78 more words

Poem of the day: The interchange #NaPoWriMo

Am I a threat or threatened?

Even the walls have eyes and ears.
I walk through the interchange with fear of being feared.

What’s that I hear?

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Islamophobia in Classroom, Media, and Politics

GLOSS: After 9/11, social and political tensions heightened and created an increase in Islamophobia. Depictions of Muslims in media, in the classroom, and politics have seemed to increase discrimination against Muslim Americans. 71 more words

Discriminatory Practices Against Muslims in American Workplace

GLOSS: unfortunately, the terrorists attacks brought about more discrimination and harassment towards Muslims, especially in the American workplace. The article examined the civil rights law in the US regarding the discrimination and harassment of Muslim in the workplace. 85 more words

How to get using your G.I. Bill started

For many veterans they will be using their GI bill Benefits soon. Now many people  are very confused and scared on what needs to happen when using it. 482 more words


CSI and the discursive infallibility of science in post-9/11 crime drama.

Feminism and identity politics has, and I imagine, always will be my main passion in academia. But, alongside that, I adore media studies, and in particular the analysis of television. 1,452 more words

Crime Scene Investigation