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Writing Prompt: From the Ashes

Over the weekend, I posted a piece written by my boyfriend, Joe (AKA WoWMartiean). It was based on a writing prompt that inspired us both. 694 more words

Short Stories

Chapter 1.4

Leaving the heavy sacks next to the road, we continue on into town.

We continued down the main street until we were in the center of Brentford. 2,239 more words

The End of the World?

I read a thought-provoking blog this week (http://mumpsimus.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/ending-world-with-hope-and-comfort.html?m=1) which has been nagging at me ever since.

 I’m paraphrasing enormously for the purpose of summary, but the basic gist was that the post-apocalyptic fiction so popular at present offers a cosily comforting picture of survival after catastrophe that is so at odds with what an apocalypse would really mean that it’s not just fictional, it’s irresponsibly dangerous, given the blog writer (Matthew Cheney)’s belief that we are living through an environmental apocalypse at present. 557 more words

Weekend Writing Warriors #102 - Revenant (Part 142)

Sunday again and this weekend is a long weekend to mark Australia Day so its good to know that there is another day of relaxation ahead of me before having to return to work. 201 more words


The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder, Scarlett and Cress) by Marissa Meyer - Review 1 of 2

By Emma-Rose Beauchamp


Cinder, or the Lunar Chronicles, currently has four books published in its series. My review will be focused on the first three books in the series; … 495 more words


Davy - Edgar Pangborn (1964)

‘Davy is set in the far future if our world, in the fourth century after the collapse of what we describe as twentieth-century civilisation. In a land turned upside-down and backwards by the results of scientific unwisdom, Davy and his fellow Ramblers are carefree outcasts, whose bawdy, joyous adventures among the dead ashes of Old-Time culture make a novel which has been hailed as “a frightening, ribald, poignant look at an imaginary future,” as “this chilling and fascinating book,” as “superb entertainment… unique,” as “so unusual as to make it both refreshing and thought-provoking.”’ 334 more words


Profiling Can Save Your Life

Forget all that liberal/progressive nonsense that profiling is wrong. Profiling can save your life and should be used as an effective situational awareness tool. Profiling is not a bad thing; in fact it is ingrained into the human species as part of our instinctive genetic makeup.   240 more words