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Things to Come (1936)

In his essay “Son of Dr. Strangelove, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Stanley Kubrick,” sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke writes about the work that lead up to the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). 596 more words

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December 30th, 11.30 A.M.

“At first I heard a sound, like a motorcycle, and so I peaked outside through the window to find you turning off the engine,” Sarah explained while turning on the stove and lighting it up using a lighter. 536 more words


December 30th 10.47 A.M.

Honestly I had no idea where I was. Here, it looked like one of those creepy towns in horror movies. Hadn’t seen any freakin’ zombie around here. 802 more words


Teaser: Latest Fiction Project

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy.

Figured I’d try this on you guys, see if you liked it.

Prologue: to Conjure Destiny

Ragnarok. Twilight of the Gods.

Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad… but when Gods purpose their own annihilation, what lunacy preludes that ruin? 1,309 more words


Weekend Writing Warriors #63 - Revenant (Part 102)

Apologies for posting this a tiny bit late, I hope you’ll forgive my first lapse after all these many months. I don’t know how it happened but Sunday completely got away from me. 137 more words


Weird Heroes 3: Quest of the Gypsy by Ron Goulart

The year is 2033 and a man finds himself in Paris. The city is being torn apart by robots in the middle of one of their revolutions. 598 more words

Post Apocalypse

Teaser: The Scorned Lands

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy.

Figured I’d try this on you guys, see if you liked it.

Oh, and Happy Easter to K. Coble. – This is for her. 1,338 more words