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Broken Nation strikes a deal...

It’s no big secret that plans have been held in secret recently due to the reveleation within the company that had been set up under advice from one of the directors, so without going into the misleading timewasting of 18 months, we can reveal that certain changes are about to happen… 71 more words

Making Films

'The Outbreak' - Kindle Edition $0.99 Until Monday 25th August 2014

The kindle edition of my latest post-apocalyptic survival novel, The Outbreak, will be on sale for $0.99 this weekend instead of its usual $4.99. If this isn’t enough to tempt you to buy it, here’s what readers have been saying about it so far: 345 more words


"Dominion" is double edged!

Having been an atheist most of my life, I’ve always been able to see and have different viewpoints on religion. Especially those concerning angels, demons, the devil, etc. 371 more words


Call Answerings

Furling around the posts of the broad assembly room, the ivy blew gently with the wind – as Zoroastra’s hair did where it unraveled from her thick, single braid. 5,532 more words


Under the Boughs, Atop the Pews

“It is said that suffering and pain are caused by intense attachment; such as making attachments of love to your lover, family or friends,” an old man quietly murmured staring ahead toward the head priest of the temple. 1,360 more words


Pelting Rain

The pelting rain. Razor sharp blazing white blades against an ever-consuming, threatening dark sky. Yet, that menacing environment was solace against what had once been. She had perished – sacrificing Herself and being a martyr for an incomprehensible cause. 936 more words